July 14, 2024

A Bionic Man – Or Just Another Corrupt Little Man?

Alternative titles: “This Is How We Do It, Do It” and “A Harsh Sense Of History

By Christopher Spivey.

Here ya go at long last, a brand new article that should keep you going for weeks, if not months given its length along with the many, many images to carefully study, and that’s not to mention the numerous source links to explore. I would also strongly advise that you read this article in full before you go to any of those source links.

And so I shall begin thus; by saying that on the 22nd of May 2024, the MP for South Thanet, Craig Mackinlay returned to Parliament for the first time in eight months where he received a standing ovation in the House of Conmens.

Now, for those of you who do not know, Mackinlay apparently lost his lower arms & legs in December last year after being struck down by Sepsis. It is therefore no wonder that the House Speaker Lindsey Hoyle, the PM Rishi Sunak and various other MP’s heaped praise on Craig, with words such as ‘Honourable’, ‘Brave’, ‘Inspirational’ & ‘Role-Model’ being bandied about – although it has to be said that such praise from these conmen doesn’t in reality carry much weight.

PHOTO: Craig Mackinlay pictured before his bout of Sepsis

You can in fact read one of my articles about the extremely dodgy Speaker Of The House, Lindsey Hoyle, on the “Way Back Machine” website by clicking HERE. However, the all important images do not load for me on that particular article, although they might for you… The comments on the article are very good too, but as I said from the get-go, you may want to finish reading this article first and return to the link – along with others I publish along the way – later on.

Moreover, having written about Craig Mackinlay in the past it is abundantly clear that the MP is non of those things that his fellow shysters said about him. For instance in 2017, Mackinlay was arrested and taken to court on charges of ‘financial irregularities‘ relating to his election campaign, although he was later cleared. Nevertheless, his aides were found guilty so take from that what you will…

After all, someone had to take the fall didn’t they?

Furthermore, In June 2018 it was reported that Mackinlay had been found to have twice breached parliament’s rules due to having a potential financial interest in something or other. At least that is, according to a decision by the Parliaments standards watchdog. You see, it appears that the MP had used his position to press for the reopening of an airport from which his company had planned to run low-cost flights. SOURCE

And In October 2017, Mackinlay said:

“unemployed young people from Glasgow should get on their bikes and work with gorgeous EU women on farms in the south of England after Brexit.” Labour MSP James Kelly responded that the comments were “abhorrent and offensive”, while Jenny Gilruth MSP said that the comments were “sexist and patronising”. Source: Wikipedia.

Oh, and I should also mention the cross-party group of local people who want answers from Mr Mackinlay on who he is really representing? SOURCE

But of course, that is all bye the bye and sort of pales in comparison to losing all 4 limbs… That is to say, unless Mackinlay & Co are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and if they are then this would be one of the most heinous crimes our government has ever committed… Wouldn’t it?

Well no as it happens. Nowhere near in fact, but it would still be pretty naughty of them even by their standards.

So, as always let’s look at the evidence and nothing more. Now, the first that anyone knew of Mackinlay’s battle with Sepsis was on October 29th 2023 when he (or someone on his behalf) tweeted the following:

Now, from that Tweet we are able to see that Craig was taken into hospital a month before it was published – on September 28th 2023. Moreover, it should be noted that he is a prolific Tweeter with his last one before that coming on September 27th 2023… With no sign what so ever of what is about to befall on the poor fella:

However, on his tweet of 29th October 2023, you will note that no mention is made of Craig having had any amputations… And that is because he hadn’t at that time, but bear with me on this.

Furthermore, when he was admitted to hospital on the 28th of September he was put into an induced coma which lasted 16 days. And when he awoke – or was awoken – he immediately noticed that his hands and feet had turned black:

Mind you, no newspaper tragedy would be complete without a touch of controversy:

Okay, due to go on holiday the next day… Roger that… Bet it was Turkey:

Not good then, although I think that he means “white as a sheet“!

Fucking Hell!!! I would imagine that he was rushed straight to hospital then:

But then again, maybe not:

Well, if she couldn’t feel a pulse then it had to be fucking serious!


So, if I read this right, the ambulance staff didn’t want to take Mackinlay to hospital presumably since his pulse had started again and the only thing to appear wrong was a “very, very, low sugar level“. Furthermore, the ambulance staff must have waited around for Craig to eat his breakfast since his blood sugar level was ‘very, very low’ when they arrived, but it was hunky-dorey once he’d had his Weetabix & toast.

I hope Mrs Mackinlay offered them a cup of tea while they waited… But please, do carry on you absolute waste of space to journalism – whoever the fuck you are:

Hmmm, bit of a contradiction between the two – poles apart in fact, but carry on:

Soooo, the ambulance decided to send for an ambulance… Gotcha.

And I am guessing here, that by saying; “but when he arrived ‘things started to speed up’” I take it that Mrs Craig was referring to when her husband arrived at the hospital and didn’t mean when the Ambulance – which she refers to as a he – arrived at their house:

Okay, now I should point out to you that I know for a fact, from personal experience that there is no way the paramedics would not want to take a patient to hospital once they had been called & dispatched. This is because not to do so would leave themselves open to legal action should the patient later take a turn for the worse. And should the patient insist that he/she still not be taken in, then they would be made to sign a waiver stating that they refused to be transported to hospital.

However, the controversy didn’t end there because once they had reached the local Kent hospital, the good wife insisted that her husband be transferred to St Thomas Hospital… The London hospital right next to the Houses of Parliament and whose doctors & nurses (or actors playing the roles) knowingly took part in the Westminster Bridge, terrorist psyop:

Now I have to say that I find this rather strange on behalf of the wife. I mean why the fuck would she insist on him being transferred to that particular hospital? And why would the Doctors even listen to her?

Moreover, according to the good wife, the staff of St Thomas described her husband thus:


That is to say; are the said staff so inexperienced that Mackinlay was one of the illest people they had ever seen“? Is “illest” even a proper word?

Moreover, Kati played Craig their wedding song throughout his coma despite the fact that it was induced… Something the victims relatives only usually do when the patient is in a coma due to the trauma caused to them by their injury.

And of course, as is the norm with all government psyops, the cunts were unable to stop themselves from further embellishing on the story a week or so later:

The Right Honourable MP, Adam Holloway.

Course, if you have read the above linked Holloway article, then you ain’t been listening to a fucking word iv’e said… But you will however be left to conclude that the earlier events detailed by Mackinlay’s wife could not have possibly occurred as she described them to the national press… Indeed, it is rather strange that she makes no mention whatsoever of Holloway’s participation in the events.

Not that I am in anyway suggesting that in this instance there is a government psyop taking place. I mean even I would not be so insensitive as to say that… Probably.

Mind you, Craig himself contradicts his wife’s story:

Worse still, it would seem that a short while after arriving at his local hospital and turning into a Smurf, Craig suffered acute Kidney and Liver failure:

Yet strange as it might seem, the aforementioned Kidney & Liver failure appears to have had no lasting effects despite the fact that in severe cases such as this, acute failure of these two major organs is more often than not non-reversible – usually leading to the victim needing a transplant for both.

Nevertheless, let’s forget about all that old fanny and get back to Mackinlay himself. Now as I said earlier, he was in an induced coma for 16 days which means that he woke on Saturday 14th of October. Which would then imply that the Monkey’s at the Daily Mail can’t count very well:

And as we have seen, he woke to find his hands and feet as black as coal.

Cor, I dunno!

Typical innit? You go to sleep feeling blue only to wake up and find everything looks black.

Yet the surgeons did not amputate the limbs until December the 1st – Nearly seven weeks after he had woken up to see his limbs consumed with dead tissue!

Now, to wait at least seven weeks before amputation, is at best – to my mind – medical negligence on behalf of the hospital staff.

After all, once the limbs had turned as black as Craig’s had, the only option is to amputate because to adopt a “wait and see” policy would only lead to an increase in the amount of dead tissue, thus having the potential to become fatal.

Moreover, given the photo below, it is painfully obvious – no pun intended – that Craig’s limbs were beyond saving. Well his arms were, he may – given the grace of dog – been able to keep his legs at that stage:

That’s a nasty trail of snot, you would think that some bastard would wipe his fucking nose!

Yet as I say, the surgeons waited for at least seven weeks after the MP awoke from his coma before deciding to amputate! This being despite the fact that Craig apparently knew that he was going to lose these limbs within four weeks of waking up:

See? “The blackness was increasing“… Told ya. Yet had the surgeons not dragged their feet – in all likelihood – Craig would not now be dragging so little of his.

Just sayin’.

And who the fuck is this Pete Bog fella when he’s at home? Is he another that Mrs Mackinlay has forgot to mention?

More incredibly still is the fact that the national press did not appear to really take an interest in the story until the 20th of December – 19 days after the amputations.

The following is taken from the Sun:

And you can also read the Sky News version HERE – which included the following Photo to which I have added an inset:

Where the fuck have his teeth gone? An important question as you will find out later.

Yet despite the mention of “some extreme surgery” in both articles, there is no mention whatsoever of any amputations – which kinda makes me think that the all-knowing national press were waiting to see whether or not Craig’s limbs were going to grow back.

Course, this apparent lack of interest is made all the more strange due to the fact that they had briefly picked up on the story following Craig’s tweet from the 29th of October:

And then they totally ignored the old fanny until just before Christmas! That was despite the fact that when the above story was published – roughly two weeks after Craig woke up – he clearly was not “on a slow road to recovery“… Something that Mackinlay would have been acutely aware of at the time since he was doing his impression of the black & white minstrels.

Therefore, it was either incredibly bad journalism on behalf of a very senior reporter, which is quite possible since the shit-rag claimed to have directly quoted our Craig. Or someone was telling porky-pies about Mackinley’s supposedly near death condition – which I find much easier to believe given the fact that if you buy into the hype, parts of the MP were about to drop off.

And had the all-knowing Presstitutes been aware of that, then they would have reported the shit out of the fact.

Yet instead, the press not only failed to follow up on the story; they didn’t pick up on it again until nearly two months later! And even then, the useless twats never so much as mentioned that the poor fella had lost around 15% of his body weight in removed body parts.

Now, are we really going to believe that the press were not aware of that fact by Christmas, given that they knew in October that Craig was in St Thomas hospital, yet for some unfathomable reason failed to capitalize on the story?

And that is not to mention the fact that every cunt in the Palace of Westminster knew that Mackinlay had undergone quadruple amputations – evidenced by Craig’s claim that many of his fellow MP’s up to and including Lyndsey Hoyle & Roland Rat Rishi Sunak, visited him in hospital… Although that is not as impressive as it sounds since St Toms is only a short 5 minute walk from the Palace.

And when I say that every cunt in the Houses of Parliament knew about Craig’s plight, that is apparently with the exception of the National Press who all have offices there, including the Daily Mail’s, Greg Heffer who wrote the shit article above in late October! Furthermore, not one of the hospital staff at St Toms could apparently be arsed to tip the press off.

All of which makes me very suspicious indeed.

I mean any one with a nose for conspiracy and in the know as to how these criminals work, could be forgiven for suspecting that by the 20th of December the Cunts had almost, but not fully committed to commencing a fraud. And as such, they were laying the groundwork just in case, by reporting that Mackinlay was on the ‘road to recovery’ – for the 2nd time – after undergoing ‘some extreme surgery’.

Which obviously, should the script writer’s subsequently have not been given the green light to proceed, that “extreme surgery” could then be past off as Craig needing to go under the knife to remove, repair or transplant his Liver & Kidneys… Kind of made me hungry typing that.

And once again, I am not saying that there is a psyop in play here because as you know, even I would not be that insensitive… Probably.

Nevertheless, it would appear that by the time that the press reported on the story for the second time – three weeks after the amputations which they neglected to mention – Mackinlay appears to imply that he was out of hospital by then:

Fuck me! That is dire journalism. I mean where else would Olivia spend Christmas than with her family? Were they planning on putting her in a children’s home or summat? Although her Mother, Kati did say later as the drama unfolded further:

However, I will not publish the link to that article until later, in case you get tempted to peak. You see, I believe that there is an awful lot more to that comment than there first appears to be.

Nevertheless, the semi-literate Hack then quotes Craig: “She adapted to it very easily,”… Adapted to what ya daft cunt? Christmas? A sombre family? Her dad’s amputations?

And as I say, the atrociously put together statement certainly implies that Craig was out of hospital by Christmas, because should that not have been the case then that above quote from our Craig – which appeared in every UK newspaper, since they all take their editorial from News International – would surely have said something along the lines of: “Christmas were shite, spent in’t Ospital, but at least I had t’family wim’me“… Although I don’t think that the Mackinlays are from Yorkshire so fuck knows why he would speak like that.

But even so, it does not exactly make it clear whether or not he spent the festivities in or out of hospital, although I am given to believe that hospital staff go out of their way to make Christmas day anything other than sombre… Except on the wards where someone has just pegged it of course. That kinda puts a downer on thing.

However, I can promise you that all this terrible, confusing journalism which is in keeping with all of the UK newspapers reporting on Mackinlay’s amputations, was done deliberately… It is in fact the exact same blueprint for all psyops.

In other words the cunt’s publish their reports – quite cleverly in fact – in such a way that the equally semi-illiterate population think that they understand the ‘facts‘ being reported, but in reality those facts are all open to interpretation… They are designed to muddy the waters.

And then, a week or so later – as we have seen in this case with the Adam Holloway report – those earlier reported ‘facts‘ begin to change and continue to do so until everybody has a seemingly different understanding of the story.

Not that I am saying that this is a psyop… I mean even I wouldn’t be that insens… Fuck it, I am saying this old bollox is a blatant fraud.

Nevertheless, we will pretend that we don’t know that and so, prior to his release from St Toms Mackinlay & the script writer’s, in order to exploit the fact that should Craig now decide to strap a large shell to his back he would resemble a Turtle, they knew that they would need to document his hospital stay in order to garner maximum public sympathy.

And as such a photo shoot of Craig and Olivia – his pretty four yr old daughter who was brought in to create a cuteness overload – was arranged… Obviously so as the photos could be used at a later date, should they get the go ahead to take the right fucking piss, which still wasn’t 100% decided on at this stage.

In fact, it would seem that there was much humming & harring as to whether or not to stage the production since following that article on the 20th of December – that did not mention the amputations at all – not another word was printed about Craig until the 21st of May 2024… Some five months later – very strange don’t cha think?

Mind you, parading a fella about who had lost both his arms and legs should in theory be no easy task to pull off, if it was all just bollox… Although I know exactly how they have done it.

Therefore, come the day of revelations (the 21st of May), in keeping with true fraud etiquette, the presstitutes didn’t stop banging on about the old fanny with article after pointless article saying a lot, while saying nothing at all… Now let’s have a look at those aforementioned photos:

Now, one of the problems that I have with those two photos is that they are made to look like they have been taken on separate days – as is the one below… But they ain’t. They have just been choreographed in order to make them look that way. However, you will have to take my word on that since it would take me too long to detail why and it is not important enough to do so.

Meantime, in order to draw your attention to that second photo or at least to try and make it look interesting, Olivia is holding onto her daddy’s leg for dear life – the false one obviously, not the one he had lopped off… Although to my mind, that would make for a lot more interesting a photo.

And why is she out in the corridor with it, while apparently waiting for the lift… Is she doing a runner with it?

Nevertheless to invent a reason for the child to appear almost to be cuddling the leg, the fairy-tail writers wrote a cringe worthy back story to go with it:

I was a little bit sick in my mouth typing that, especially with it being complete & utter bollox. That is not Craig’s leg and indeed he would not have even been fitted for one at that stage.

Now, as for the photo below, which was probably taken at the same photoshoot:

To make sure that our eyes are drawn to this image, we are led to believe that Craig is in intensive care – yet you would really need to be a proper dumb fuck to believe that. Therefore, only around 75% of the British population would fall for it.

However, to reinforce the con we see that Olivia is wearing latex gloves to feed daddy, as is her ‘mother‘ – who also has a plastic apron on, which can only mean that her daughter’s woolly jumper is not a health hazard.

And of course the script writers have ignored the fact that children are not allowed in ICU’s… In fact children of Olivia’s age are not even allowed on wards (including private rooms), let alone on the beds like she is in the top photo (and below), which I also know to be true from personal experience.

Moreover, Craig does not appear to be the slightest bit worried that Olivia might accidentally catch or knock one of his stumps or even knock his teeth out:

Once again notice the terrible wording – and that’s from the BBC.

And I could go on longer but safe to say they were all posed for dramatic effect.

So, moving on and as I said, that false leg that Olivia is seen holding is definitely not her Dad’s new leg given the timeline – which Craig unwittingly admitted himself as evidenced in the newspaper segment found further below – and it is not even the same as the ones he unveiled on D-Day in the Chamber Pot.

Besides, the NHS do not update prosthetic limbs every few weeks, not least because it would be impossible to do so:

But enough mirth & Merriment, here is that aforementioned newspaper snippet:

and a bit of sort of hanging.”??? What the fuck is that meant to mean?

“Relearnt”? Do they mean ‘relearned’?

Yet whilst February is a slightly more realistic time line for Craig to be fitted with false legs – it is still an unlikely event. The following is taken from a UK article in regard to leg amputations:

And bear in mind that the above article is only referring to one leg being amputated, let alone two.

Moreover, the leg that Olivia is seen holding in the photo is laughingly supposed to be Craig’s ‘permanent‘ leg despite it being different to the ones he has now & the time line making it an impossibility, given the fact that most amputees are initially provided with a ‘temporary’ prosthesis to start off with… And with that in mind you also need to take into account what the conman said in that newspaper segment found above.

Furthermore, the following is taken from another UK website in regard to amputations, and is once again only referring to the one leg:

And that fact certainly bears true with what I know from a once very good friend of mine losing his leg. Indeed, there are numerous reported cases on the internet of people losing limbs to Sepsis, and in the following case, the fella in question – named James Mackay – also lost parts of all four limbs. Certainly, Mackay was much fitter than our Craig… Yet his recovery time and getting back on his feet (no pun intended) took a lot longer than Mackinlay’s did:

Now at this point I will draw your attention to the fact that the surgeon’s didn’t fuck about when it came to amputating Mackay’s limbs… What’s more he underwent his amputations around Christmas 2022, whereas Mackinlay underwent his just before Christmas 2023.

Yet the above article was written in February 2024 when James was just learning to walk on his prosthetic limbs. And indeed, February 2024 was also when Craig says that he was learning to walk for the first time on his new legs… The difference being a year in recovery time (as is the norm) between super-fit James and not so super-fit Craig!

And then there is the case of Beth Budgen, from Newbury in Berkshire who also morphed into a Smurf but is considerably younger than Papa Smurf Mackinlay. Nevertheless, she too lost both of her legs and part of her hand after succumbing to Sepsis:

Now the first fact to point out here, is that Beth spent 7 months in hospital and James Makay spent 6 months as a resident in a rehabilitation unit… On the other hand, our Right Honourable MP for South Thanet appears to have spent around 12 weeks (less than 3 months) as an in-patient.

And the second fact that I will draw your attention to, is that both Beth and James spent 6 weeks in a coma, whereas the Bionic Man was only out-for-the-count for 16 days.

Moreover, Beth was only tentatively taking her first steps in August 2023 – eight months after the amputations – despite appearing to have lost less of her legs than Mackinlay has.

However, Craig appears to explain his excellent – not to mention quick – mobility away by stating the following:

Now that of course is complete and utter bollox which I again know for a fact being as my old man lost more than half of his foot to diabetes at the age of 80. Yet even after the operation, once he recovered he walked without the help of a stick after having a special shoe made. My Dad then went on to have half of the other foot removed, yet following his fitting for another special shoe he was still able to drive a car… Mind you, you wouldn’t want to be walking across the fucking road when he was around, but that is beside the point

And as for Craig’s arms? Well the MP claims that the first ones he was fitted with were totally unacceptable and only good for “punching someone or breaking windows“.

A fact that I would agree with. However, after an intense Google search, the only prosthetic hands that I could find like the above; are the ones that Craig is wearing, so who knows?

Course, Craig had to refer to the loss of his hands and did so by stating the following:

And from that, I can only presume that in relation to “touching your wife“, Craig is referring to ‘Finger Blasting‘.

Nevertheless, despite later getting new bionic arms which appear to be beyond amazing (as you will see later), Craig still has this to say:

You are a lying Cunt Mackinlay… However, it is much easier for me to show you why when I talk in depth about his new arms than it is to do so now.

Which brings us to when the press finally came to the mass reporting on Craig’s plight… And as I say, that really took off on Tuesday the 21st of May and Wednesday the 22nd, when the MP returned to the House of Conmens for the first time in eight months – as seen splashed all over the front pages & in the widely published media video of the event.

Now, this is where we really see that some skulduggery is taking place. Will they ever learn?

Will they fuck!

Not as long as they keep releasing videos of their frauds for me to watch frame by frame they won’t, that’s for sure.

You see, in the video we first see Mackinley – standing unsupported – waiting to make his entrance into the Chamber Pot:

Now, considering all that I have written above in regard to the problems and timeline involving prosthetic limbs, the fact that Mackinlay walks so effortlessly normal into the Chamber Pot is nothing short of a miracle… Especially with what Craig says himself on the matter, as reported on ITV:

Which is not what Craig told the Journalist Louise Carpenter no more than 4 weeks later:

You have to chuckle to yourself don’t cha, but this is what I say about the facts evolving a few weeks into a psyop and bearing no relation to the original facts.

But anyway, we shall continue where we left off with that ITV report:

However, if you have read the links that I have published in regard to getting used to prosthetic legs (Why have you?), you will know that the moving ankle joint refers to moving the foot up and down and not in regard to the joint allowing for side to side movement whilst relaxed… As Craig’s foot appears to be able to do:

Nevertheless, we will ignore that fact and get on with the standing ovation and resounding applause afforded to Craig on his return to Parliament… Despite the Conmens rule on clapping being a strict no-no up until now

You see, Craig’s amputations continue to belie belief when you watch the video very closely. Indeed, it took him all of 8 seconds to walk from a standing start into the main Chamber Pot, including his stop to bow his head.

And at this point things get really bizarre. You see, despite Craig’s miraculous recovery and the fact that he is moving effortlessly despite having lost four limbs, he should still have great trouble sitting himself down – which he doesn’t:

In fact, in the second screen shot up from the bottom, it almost looks like Craig Fuzzy Face Fucker has a longish grey beard!

And that effortless, neigh almost graceful, sitting himself down, without so much of a hint of ‘plonking’ took Craig all of 3 seconds… Perhaps his wonder-legs have hydraulics attached to his high bollix – go me.

But you can watch all of that in the video below:

Yet as is the usual with these types of video, things get even more weird. You see, Craig was shortly afterwards asked to make a speech. However, in an effort to hide the fact that this would involve him having to stand up again, the following image appeared on the video immediately prior to him doing so:

Now I have played “Where’s Wally” with this video, time and again yet I am still unable to find these three birds anywhere. Therefore I can only assume that their introduction was made in an attempt to hide the fact that Craig manages to effortlessly stand up… Although I was able to capture most of the bionic man’s ascent.

Another graceful endeavor that took Craig all of 2 – 3 seconds.

And once he was upright, Craig – clearly basking in his new found glory – proceeded to make a joke filled speech in which he praised the Prime Mincer and the charlatan Lindsey Hoyle for visiting him, the NHS as a whole, as well as the nurses who took care of him and were according to the man himself present, along with his wife & daughter in the gallery above – albeit the cameras never once showed the fact… Fuck me, he even did the ‘Hokey Cokey’.

Course, obviously I am joking at Mackinlay doing the hokey cokey. Nevertheless, as you can see in the above screenshots he did effortlessly stand on one false leg without so much as a hint of becoming unbalanced. And the reason for him doing so, was to draw attention to the fact that he was wearing trainers – also a strict no-no in the House of Conmens.

Yet I cannot understand why he felt he had the need to lift his leg to prove the point? Was he frightened that they wouldn’t believe him if he just mentioned it or summat? Or do you think that he wanted to show them how fast he could run, but chickened out at the last minute… Either way, it’s beyond me.

However, clearly worried that his fellow shysters were thinking along the same lines, he thought he best make up an excuse on the spot. Unfortunately, quick thinking is not a Politicians strong point and the best explanation that he could come up with is that he is; “unable to fit his shoes on over his plastic feet“… An excuse that seemed to appease everyone – thick cunts.

After all, his “plastic feet” are unlikely to change size now, even if he stubs his toe or breaks his foot playing Rugby so you would have thought that there would have been no harm in him treating himself to a new pair of winkle pickers or Oxfords in time for his star performance.

Yet the dopey bastards were all that wrapped up in the hope that they might be able to have a good giggle if he fell over – hence no one was willing to give Craig a steadying hand – that they failed to spot the flaw in his excuse.

Likewise, Mackinlay stated that the reason he was not wearing a jacket (another no-no) was because he couldn’t get one to fit over his new bionic arms, although he appears to have not had any problems with his shirt! However, looking at his arms in the above screenshots you have to ask why he couldn’t fit a jacket over them.

And having completed his mirth-filled sycophantic speech in which he both praises and criticizes the NHS, Mackinlay once again takes his seat with ease:

And the total time that Mackinlay took retaking his seat was an incredible 2 seconds without so much as a hint of plonking himself on his arse.

Mind you, Rishi Sunak & Co are not the only one’s who seemingly couldn’t give a flying-fuck what Mackinlay had to say or even remotely interested in watching whether or not the Bionic Man would fall flat on his arse – as evidenced below in the following screenshots:

Okay, moving on and in respect to Craig’s new bionic arms – which he states cost him or someone 100 Grand – I have to say that they were worth every penny:

Now, notice that he states “hands” as in the plural… This is very important. And here is a reminder of those useless rubber hands that he was given:

Good for fuck all, and so I would imagine that he was over the moon with his new Hundred Grand hands – Both of them… You just know I’m going somewhere with this don’t you?

Of course you fucking do:

Were breaking windows and having pub fights hobbies of his then?

Thus pushing the Trans-human agenda… Roger that.

Now, since his bionic hands appear to be able to do anything that ‘living’ hands are capable of doing, including having the same mobility and reaction time, I have to say that Craig describing them as “Amazing” is not doing them justice.

Sooo, let’s have a butchers at what they can do:

In fact it is almost appears as if the truly bionic man is wearing specialist gloves!

Mind you, I will bet that Craig’s wife is ecstatic – pun intended – as I feel sure that these new hands will allow him to resume finger blasting her.

However, since Mackinlay has only been a Member of Parliament for 8 years, prior to which he was an Accountant, whilst at the same time bearing in mind that our Honourable MP’s swear blind that there is no money to be made as a Politician, you have to wonder how our Craig had a cool £100,000 squids readily at hand – pun intended.

Yet I have to say, at times, having observed Mackinlay’s hands throughout the course of the video and studying the available photos, I cannot help but feel that they are sometimes different from each other:

And why in the name of fuck are such sophisticated hands silver or gold (depending on where you are viewing them) as opposed to skin colour, with the manufacturers name displayed on them. I mean surely the point of having 100 Grands worth of bionic hands is to have them looking as natural as possible?

However, take note of the fact that he has two identical hands, which – as you have seen – both move equally as smoothly as each other.

Yet it has to be said – as I stated earlier – that Craig Mackinlay is a lying cunt.

You see, despite that concrete evidence in the photo segments above – made up of screen shots taken from the video of his Conman’s appearance – proving to you that the shyster can move each and every finger – not to mention his thumbs – with ease & seemingly at will, it turns out that he only got these magical bionic arms 48 hours before his standing ovation. Which in turn means that up until May 20th Craig only had use of his rubber hammer hands.

And as you will see in the 19 second video contained in the tweet below, shared on Twitter by the BBC journalist Michael Keohan, 24 hours prior to Craig’s Conmans appearance, Mackinlay is desperately struggling to so much as lower a thumb.

That is not a screen shot, the video actually plays and you have my permission to watch it now.

And as a side note to the BBC reporter Michael Keohan; He is the splitting image of American reporter, Michael Keohane – i’ll have an E please Bob.

The importance of which will become clear as this article continues to unfold.

Nevertheless, with Mackinlay having so much trouble working his bionic hand, you have to seriously question how the conman had become so naturally ambidextrous just 48 hours later.

Yet even that anomaly is insignificant, because as I pointed out earlier; in the following weeks & months after a psyop has been launched, the script begins to change, often beyond all recognition whilst paying no heed to the original story & facts.

And with that in mind, read the following which is taken from a face to face interview between Craig & Kati Mackinly and Telegraph reporter Louise Carpenter… Most important was the fact that it appeared in the spy-owned newspaper on the 4th of June 2024 – Two weeks after Mackinlay’s Gig in the Chamber Pot.

Neither does it appear to be an ‘updated’ or ‘edited for publication’ article as something like that is always printed next to the date that the article is released… Therefore it is somewhat safe to assume that the interview took place no more than a week prior to publication.

And indeed that seems to be the case from the off:

Now since Lou Carpenter refers to his Conmen’s appearance and states the date the “hero” did so; that would surely indicate that this interview took place a week or so later.

Carpenter then carry’s on:

Well if he didn’t have forearms or shins then he couldn’t have had hands or feet could he, you soppy cunt. But carry on:

Okay, clearly at this point he only has one bionic arm (the right one) and on his left arm he is presumably wearing his rubber hammer hand, further proven by what he says about it: What good is this?”. Moreover, she once again refers to Craig’s Chamber Pot appearance, suggesting once again that the interview took place sometime after the 22nd of May.

And the photos that accompany the article would appear to back up what Lou-Lou reports:

And the following photo is taken from the Times newspaper writing about Mackinlay on the 3rd of June – again roughly two weeks on from his standing ovation in the Conmans:

Now, while I have to assume that the Mackinlay’s have two of the same sofa’s in their drawing room I cannot help but think that the background in the above photo looks fake. However, unfortunately I could not read the Times updated article as they wanted me to pay to do so and I had already forked out to read the Lou Carpenter’s Telegraph interview.

And then there is this one taken from an article published on the 12th of June in a foreign speaking African newspaper:

Now it has to be said that rather suspiciously, Mackinlay is wearing the bionic arm on his left, whilst hiding the right. Neither has the photo been reversed since the exercise machine in the background has the logo ‘Lite Fitness’ written on it – the right way round.

Course, while the BBC journalist Michael Keohan says in his tweet above that Mackinlay had got “his new bionic arms” – plural – we only see one in the included video, which is the one on his right arm… But carry on for the minute Lou Lou:

Which begs the questions as to when this interview actually took place and why the long delay before publication?

Moreover, despite the fact that we see the lying cunt wearing both the horse-hooves-come-rubber-hammer hands in the top photo – which should have been the one and only pair that he would have got from the NHS; a fact confirmed by the Craig himself – the hopeless presstitutes added a video (found below) to the interview article, which if you watch from 4 mins 26 seconds you will find footage of Mackinlay wearing a pair of bionic arms all together different to the ones he has now!

Furthermore, the video is shot while Craig is in the hospital or at rehabilitation – think on; he didn’t get his new bionic hands until the 20th of May and as we saw he could hardly raise or lower the thumb then.

And while the arms in question are nowhere as “amazing” as the ones he wore at his coming out ceremony in the Chamber Pot – they still looked pretty darn good to me:

Now, in case that video disappears, or you can’t be arsed to watch it, here are a couple of screen-shots taken from it:

And once again, we only see one arm – the right… Explain that Craig?

Nevertheless, Louise Carpenter’s interview allows the Mackinley’s the opportunity to continually alter the original facts. So let me run through them with you … And do think on, these altered facts are mentioned here for the first time despite the Mackinlay’s numerous interviews given to the press & TV two weeks prior to this one:

Unimportant but the answer to Craig moaning that he can no longer use his iphone:

And there you have it; unequivocal proof that the interview was held in June 2024:

Now, during the course of the interview we begin to learn a little about Kati Mackinlay – her past, her age, how long they have been together – which is how I came upon this article in the first place, after trawling the internet for over an hour to see what I could find out about her.

You see, prior to this article there was absolutely no information what so ever about Mrs Craig – not even her age – to be found on the interweb except for the fact that she is Hungarian… Not even on Craig’s wikipedia page!

All of which raises many red flags for me… But carry on Lou Lou skip to me Lou:

So, despite not saying exactly where in Hungary that Kati hails from it would seem that she is from a family of Doctors and Pharmacists… Which will once again become relevant as we continue on throughout the rest of this article.

However, I know much more about Kati than you would think. She certainly is not who she presents herself as being as I will reveal to you at the conclusion of this very long article:

Now, here we see talk of amputations taking place in the Kent hospital around the 14th of October, as opposed to when they actually took place at St Thomas hospital on December the 1st:

Again, kind of unimportant but a bit more of an update on that ‘holiday’ and the first mention by anyone about his hands being a strange colour. Up until now his hands were only quoted as feeling very cold.

For example:

And then we have an altered update on the ambulance controversy:

We then have the introduction of Kati’s brother for the first time:

Huh,hu… Carry on:

Which again is a different version of the widely reported on original:

But do carry on The Telegraph:

What “10-day waiting game“? And I thought that she played their wedding song to him? There certainly was no mention of sticking photos to the ceiling… Did she use her own step ladder?

So, after 14 days we see Craig temporarily come out of his induced coma leaving us to deduce that he was then put back under for another two days… Meanwhile “A vascular consultant from another Kent hospital arrived.” – suggesting that the fella was an expert – and promptly decided that Craig needed to lose the whole of his four limbs… Now that would have been interesting.

Neither have I got a Scooby-Doo why his limbs were bandaged by this time, but we will ignore that:

You forgot to mention the arms at the armpit there Kati, but at least we are talking about amputation in a realistic time frame here, although fuck knows how one [implied] specialist goes from saying that the MP’s legs should be lopped off at the groin to another specialist stating in the original interviews that:

Which as I stated earlier was also total bollox. And indeed it would seem that amputation was being discussed even before that two week in visit from the Consultant-Butcher:

But I think that was just Kati being a drama queen since Craig appears to have perfect balance despite losing his lower legs and arms – and I include arms in the equation because the loss of them would most certainly have had a detrimental affect on his balance.

And once again, we have a discrepancy with the original version when Craig was at his “illest” and first put into a coma:

Carry on:

And that is certainly new information and makes a mockery of Craig being out of hospital before Christmas – if indeed he was. Nevertheless, doing this would have left terrible scars on both his arm and leg… Neither of which we see, and would of greatly added to the time that it took for Craig to have his prosthetics fitted… Which was already done in record time:

So, Kati didn’t demand St Thomas hospital then:

Okay, keep going:

And there we have it, the St Tommy surgeons were talking about amputation by mid October but couldn’t be arsed to do it until December.

Neither am I sure why this plan of action was told in a zoom call or why the MP Adam Holloway was included. However, this is the first time that Kati acknowledges Holloway’s participation since his addition to the story a week after the main event:

Again, Kati’s way of thinking is at odds with all that we know, what with amputations being discussed within two weeks of Craig being admitted to hospital and his own claim that he knew he was going to lose his limbs as soon as he awoke from his coma… Moreover, it is interesting that having achieved a degree in Zoology…

Zoology is the scientific understanding of the diverse world of animals, providing an exploration of their behaviour, physiology, and ecological roles.

Graduates in zoology find themselves well-equipped for a range of rewarding careers, including wildlife biologist, conservationist, zookeeper, or marine biologist. As well as working directly with animals, there are also opportunities in research, environmental consulting, and policy development. Source

Craig did not pursue a career in that field and instead became an accountant, which is also nothing like being a doctor… Just saying:

Oh my fucking days. Plenty of new information there as well as the fact that a fella about to have extreme life changing surgery is already thinking in terms of making a documentary… Kinda like Kate Garraway and the video-diary like documentary that she made about her husbands struggle with long covid before he died – almost as if she knew that would be the outcome.

Kati then wraps up the interview by saying:

Which is just the kinda thing that any four year old would say.

Mind you, I would have thought that Craig would have got his new arms before his legs but that is clearly not the case:

Which all kinda makes me think that Craig’s head has been superimposed on someone else’s body in the video:

And on closer inspection, neither am I convinced in regard to his black arm & legs:

Now, once again moving on and according to Craig; other side effects of his Sepsis include facial scarring and loosened front teeth.

However, photos of Mackinlay smiling to the extent that his teeth are showing prior to his battle with Sepsis are rarer than rocking-horse shit – although I am sure that you remember the toothless photo of Craig found higher up. Nevertheless, I have done my best for you in the comparison photos below – say thank you Chris:

Now, although that comparison is inconclusive you have to ask yourself if the fella in the bottom photo is the same as the fella in the top photo given the difference in earlobes.

Meantime, with regard to the facial scarring of which Mackinlay says that he will grow a beard to hide, you have to decide if that scarring is photoshopped.

And indeed his nose has ended up far better than could be obviously expected:

Or perhaps now I really am just being pedantic.

However, at the time of his Conmens glorification it would seem that our Craig was intent on standing for re-election on the 4th of July:

And despite that rather worrying last sentence – knowing what we do about about our perverted MP’s – along with Mackinlay’s earlier claim that; “You now realise the important things are family, friends, children.” (and since children are part of your family he must be referring to other peoples children), the fact that Craig was putting himself up for re-election would in fact suggest that this Sepsis old bollox perhaps wasn’t a Government sponsored psyop.

After all, Mackinlay would doubtlessly romp home on the sympathy vote alone. This in turn would mean that the self-styled Bionic Man would be continually in the public eye, which would be no mean feat if he really wasn’t missing all 4 limbs… Well, that is to say that in theory our-Craig would be in the public eye, despite the fact that our Right-Horrible Members of Parliament are very rarely seen out & about these days.

That fact in turn was made partly possible by the fake attack by some alleged nutter on the then Prime Mincer, David Cameron:

Not to mention the subsequent Government sponsored psy-op, staged murders of the MP’s, Joke Ox and David Amess.

And as coincidence would have it – as is often the case during the course of me writing an article – the latest fake attack on one of our politicians designed to keep the cunts from having to mix with the riff-raff, came just today (05/06/24). The knob-head in question being Nigel Farage:

You see, the reasons for these psy-ops like those mentioned above is that a very significant number of our MP’s do not exist and those who don’t are little more than made-up-characters using photo-shopped images of either other MP’s or prominent people & knob-ed celeb’s … A fact which I believe I have more than proved beyond doubt in bygone articles – hence, The House of Conmens is often described as being “Packed To The Rafters” if there are no benches left for our MP’s to park their fat arses on. Yet there are only 427 seating facilities in the House for our 650 MP’s to do so.

Therefore, it is much easier to have an excuse for our MP’s to not have to meet with the public under the guise of ‘fearing for their safety‘, rather than having to morph a Sock-Puppet into a physical entity… A ‘Sock-Puppet’ being “a false online identity used for deceptive purposes“…