July 14, 2024

This Is How We Do It, Do It.

Alternatively entitled: “A Bionic Man – Or Just Another Corrupt Little Man?and “A Harsh Sense Of History”

You see, the reasons for these psyops like those mentioned in Part 1 is that a very significant number of our MP’s do not exist and those who don’t are little more than made-up-characters using photo-shopped images of either other MP’s or prominent people & knob-ed celeb’s… A fact which I believe I have more than proved beyond doubt in bygone articles – hence, The House of Conmens is often described as being “Packed To The Rafters” if there are no benches left for our MP’s to park their fat arses on. Yet there are only 427 seating facilities in the House for our 650 MP’s to do so.

Or put another way, they can’t all fit in the chamber at the same time.

Therefore, it is much easier to have an excuse for our MP’s to not have to meet with the public under the guise of ‘fearing for their safety‘, rather than having to morph a Sock-Puppet into a physical entity… A ‘Sock-Puppet’ being “a false online identity used for deceptive purposes“.

Now, while I originally did not want to dwell too long on this topic, especially with my articles on the subject being long gone (although many can still be found on the wayback machine website), I feel that I really don’t have much choice but to do so, in order to demonstrate to you just how perverse and corrupted our MP’s such as Craig Mackinlay really are. In fact you are going to be gob smacked at the length these perverted, criminal parasites will go to in order to keep the gravy-train rolling.

Incidentally, J Edgar hoover was a transvestite as are many of the other people that are going to feature in this article.

And just to reinforce that quote of his, here’s another by a fella named William Blum – whoever the fuck he is when he’s at home:

It’s true y’know.

Therefore, along with a lot of new information & photos, it is lucky that I still have most of the old images archived (a lot of them published here for the first time) that I used in those aforementioned long gone articles of mine. And bear in mind, that the information & many images that I am going to show you is but a mere fraction of the evidence I hold to prove to you that: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts“.

Also, do not be quick to dismiss what I am about to reveal as nonsense before you have finished reading this article & it’s follow up, because I feel damned sure that by the time you have, you will feel very differently.

Now before I start let me explain how one person becomes another, because obviously if one looked identical to the other, then even the apathetic UK population would catch on to the fraud.

And whilst the monster elite love to take the piss out of us, they ain’t that fucking stupid.

Therefore, the first thing that you have to remember is that the majority of these sock puppets that I’m going to tell you about do not exist and are nothing more than photo-shopped images of their lookalikes. Course, when they do have to appear in public they are played by the disguised person that they have nicked their identity from or by a lookalike actor made up to look the part.

And other than digitally altering an image, you would be surprised by how a simple change of hairstyle and/or colour can radically alter a persons appearance – not too mention a different style of make up where the women or tranny’s are concerned.

Other tricks of the trade will see the primary subject forever smiling while his/her sock puppet will always look serious. Wide open eyes to their other persona’s narrowed peepers will also do the job, as will false teeth worn over their own which is an often used tactic.

Course, this is a good giveaway because the denture wearer always has too much top gum showing, which is a common trait among our MP’s.

Take for instance Sir Graham Brady the MP for Altrincham & Sale West who has just announced his retirement:

See what I mean? In fact I am surprised that he can even close his gob-shite mouth with those in.

And typically – like all MP’s – Brady has been caught up in sleaze and/or corruption after it was revealed that he makes £10,000 per year for just 12 hours work:

Not to mention this:


Moving on and a pair of glasses will also do wonders looks-wise, as will a change of gender… Yep, you read that correctly.

For example; Tory-Boy, Michael Gove & Alison Saunders – a British barrister and a former Director of Public Prosecutions:

Good dat innit?

Now, you will also find out as we go along that the occupations of the vast majority of these shysters are either Barrister, Solicitor or Doctor.

Ears are another thing which they always usually change although they haven’t really bothered much in the above image since Alison’s earrings hide a lot. And of course neither would you be looking in any case especially those of male to female & vice versa.

You see, ears are unique to a person and as such if the Cunt’s didn’t change them in their digitally altered images, then that too would be game over for them:

And while it isn’t uncommon for the mugs to occasionally forget to alter them – which is nice for me – you are far more likely to see some proper comical wing-nuts attached to their creations… Pensions Minister Paul Maynard for example:

Stop laughing for fucks sake! And the dark outline around his ear is a dead giveaway.

Maynard is currently under investigation for fraud:

And then there is Stewart Dumbo Hosie & his amazing flapping lug-holes:

Fuck me Stew-Pot, those wing-nuts light up like a Christmas tree!

Nevertheless, Stewart Hosie was a Scottish National Party politician who served as Member of Parliament for Dundee East from 2005 to 2024 – At least he was according to Wikipedia.

However, he stepped down as Nicola Sturgeon’s Deputy Party Leader in 2016, after being caught up in a sleazy three-way sex scandal.

Hmmm, back to it and Botox is popular while at their most creative, the frauds will resort to face fillers covered by latex. This allows for all manner of possibilities from a simple widening of the nose or lengthening of the chin to full cheek fillers which drastically change a persons facial features.

There is however a down side to fillers because they can be detected up close and personal… Although the make up artists have got the procedure down to a fine art.

So let’s have another look at those implants sometimes worn by the unelected, unwanted, former Prime Mincer.


Can you see them?

Much more on the Right Horrible Terry May later.

Now I first discovered these fillers covered by latex (or something very similar) while writing about the Princess Diana fraud, in which many of the support cast played multiple roles… Especially the Pap’s who were nicked that night:

No changing of the ears in the case of the bottom two… And of course lighting shadows also has a part to play as one becomes two.

However, that is not my favourite collection of photos from the Diana fraud. That honour goes to the one below and shows you just how the monsters love to take the piss out of us.

That fave-rave screen shot collection is of ‘Sami Nair’, supposedly the Adviser to the French Interior. And he is wearing one of those prosthetic masks which he covertly points out to us – the viewer – THREE fucking times:

Can you see where the implants are? Can you see that his fingers are right on the joins?

No doubt you can now that I have pointed them out to you, but you wouldn’t have had I not done so… Which is why the fanny Sami points out in his very next movement that he thinks you are all a bunch of wankers.

Another Cunt bites the dust.

However, it is quite ironic that in his role back then, Sami Shithead was allegedly an advisor to the French Interior Minister, discussing the death of the Princess of Wales when the current French Interior Minister at the time (later to become Prime Minister) was Bernard French-Name AKA Henri Paul – the person whom if you believe the hype was responsible for Diana’s death.

Here, check out these comparisons between Henri and Bernie:

Zoom in, everything matches up!

And remember there is at least 15 yrs between the images.

And do not believe for one second that our Un-El-Tel doesn’t know that Bernie French-Name is also Henri Paul.

Albeit why the Monster Minions would have reason to Photoshop the pair of degenerate sewer rats shaking hands is beyond me… Unless of course they never really actually met.

And for those who have trouble spotting Photoshop, ignore the fact that when two people shake hands they look at each other – as opposed to staring dream-like into space, in opposite directions – and instead look at the background in between the pair at around waist height.

And as a postscript to the fraud Paps who supposedly hounded the fake Diana to death, Fabrice Chassery is in all likelihood the murderer David Gilroy:

PHOTO: David Gilroy & Fabrice Chassery comparison.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Gilroy who [fake] murdered Suzanne Pilley:

In turn, Gilroy could also play five-time killer, Jeremy Bamber – I’m not sure what the fuck Bambers green slime shadow is all about:

And it goes without saying that I have in the past written about the fake White House Farm murders supposedly carried out by Bamber.

Now, in turn Gilroy is in all likelihood the MP Robert Courts:

PHOTO: Half face of Courts overlaid on Gilroys; I have had to alter Gilroys nose due to his head being tipped back.

Which will become relevant later on in this article, but I will tell you now that this creates Joinder between Courts & Winston Churchill… Joinder is paramount to the Satanic Monster Elite because in their perverse world everything has to connect to everything else in a lot less than the fabled six degrees of separation.

However, for those of you who do not know what Joinder is; it is the action of bringing parties together; union.”the joinder of parties”.

And of course, Robbie is caught up in sleaze & fraud:

Funny how it is always a “genuine mistake” or oversight with these cunts, where as any normal Joe would be prosecuted.

I mean, as a BARRISTER, Courts should know better, shouldn’t he?

Of course he fucking should:

Furthermore, with Courts being a Barrister, his surname is very suspect… As is his first name when you look below:

And when it comes down to David Cameron, I hope to proper blow your minds later on in this article.

However, for now we will stick with Courts because he is also the aforementioned, fake big eared, Pensions Minister Paul Maynard:

And there is still more to come in relation to the Right Honorable Horrible, Robert Courts later.

Okay, now that you are all fully versed in how these fraudsters operate, we can get on with it.

So let’s start by keeping on topic with the Bionic Man, Craig Mackinlay’s saviour, the MP Adam Holloway and the aforementioned, newly retired MP Graham Brady:

And here we also have a case of: ‘What’s In A Name‘ – as per usual. You see, Holloway is the MP for Gravesham (Gra’s Sham)… Good that innit?

Neither does the MP like being asked ‘potentially awkward‘ questions by the press:

Nevertheless, it should be no surprise to you that Adam also has a profile on the imdb actors website, with one of the programs that he appeared in going by the name of “Disguises“.

Wanna see his imdb profile picture?

Of course you fucking do:

Not the most flattering profile picture and I have added an inset photo of the MP Andrew Bridgen, who is also not dissimilar in looks to Holloway.

And this is because there are always more than one actor playing the part of a sock puppet, which complicates things no end.

Andrew Bridgen is also a wrong-un:

Therefore you will not be surprised to learn that Bridgen also appears as not being dissimilar to Graham Brady in certain images.

And in turn, Brady is also a dead ringer for the wholly corrupt, very recently retired MP, Tim Loughton (Lout) as seen below.

And of course, Tim Loughton is also caught up in sleaze & corruption:

Conservative MP Loughton did so, in a bid to become the Labour Party candidate for the 2015 General Election, following the resignation of Labour Party leader, Ed Williband… Thus proving that the cunt has no affiliation to any Party Politics.

In fact Loughton will do or say anything to carry on drinking from the tit of the golden Cow… For instance:


Shhh, keep that quiet.

Greedy, corrupt Cunt.

And so, you would therefore expect Loughton to also favour Andrew Bridgen – as well as the other two reprobates – in the looks department wouldn’t you?

Of course you fucking would:

Loughten & Bridgen’s ears are also a pretty good match.

Moreover, Tim Loughton’s constituency takes in Shoreham where the fake airshow disaster took place… Just sayin’.

And do bear in mind that the vast majority of times we are only being shown digitally altered images of these reprobates.

For example Brady and the MP Alex Burghart:

Look at the eyes.

Burghart, who was met with laughter as he praised Rishi Sunak on the BBC political show, Question Time is also the MP David Morris:

After being investigated by the police for donation irregularities in 2017, Morris was again in trouble in 2020 for failing to mention a £10000 donation from Aquind Ltd – a Russian owned firm.

Nevertheless, David Morris MP is also George Eustice MP:

Now enter Tim Waggott:

PHOTO: Tim Waggott.

Now you will notice that Waggott (Wag the Dog film) has the same first name as Tim Loughton, which is not as coincidental as you may first assume… Especially as he is connected at the supplied link above to Loughton and a ‘bird’ named Laura Sandy, who at the time just so happened to be the MP for South Thanet… The exact same constituency as that held by Craig Mackinlay:

Laura, according to Wikipedia in regard to her old dad:

And both Churchill & Macmillan predominately feature later on in this article.

Nevertheless, here is some more on how they all connect.

And as for further proof – as if it was needed – both Waggott & Sandys have a tell-tale gap in their front teeth:

In fact their teeth are identical.

Tim Waggott may or may not be the former Scottish MP Mark McDonald:

Of course he fucking is, their facial features all match up.

And Old McDonald shares a name with Mark MacDonald (strange way of spelling it), who is described on his website thus:

Create better citizen outcomes“! What is this, 1984?

But guess what? The pair look the same!

Ignore the two front false teeth and checkout the teeth behind those… Well who would ever have thought it?

And meanwhile, former Scottish MP Mark McDonald is also a ringer for current Scottish MP Stuart McMillan:

The Teeth don’t look bad, but if you are not convinced on that last one (of which I’m not 100% myself), then take a look at the following:

Anndddd Breath… Phew.

Ready? Yes? Then I shall continue:

And I am not finished yet, so hold ya breath again:

Bottom Image: Mark MacDonald & Tom Watson

Nearly done, just one more time:

Fuck me! That weren’t arf hard work!

Nevertheless, given what I have told you above about how photos are digitally altered to make one persona become another, Craig Mackinlay could quite easily morph into Tim Loughton:

And when it comes down to teeth?

Well see for yourself:

Didn’t expect that did you?

I do also In fact think that our Tim could also be the MP Mark Wood:

Which then sends us on yet another mission.

You see, Mark Wood is also… Well see for yourselves:

Plus any of the other usual suspects.

And then there is Mark Richard Tami, a Welsh Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Alyn and Deeside since 2001… Once again, at least according to Wikipedia he has… And Tami is more than a dead ringer for our Tim Loughton:

PHOTO: Tami & Timmy comparison – Look at the ears.

Moreover, Tiny Tim is a ringer for Stirling MP, Alyn Smith:

PHOTO: Alias Alyn Smith & Jones and Timmy Loughton comparison.

See now, I told ya that a change of hairstyle & colour would do the trick.

And while we have ALYN (weird way to spell it) Smith on our radar, lets have another butchers at ALYN & Deeside MP Mark Tami and his looks in comparison to Tim Nice-But-Dim:

See what I mean by; what’s in a name?

Want more? Of course you fucking do – a lot more in fact. Indeed it is necessary for me to provide you with such in order for you to conclude that something ain’t right here and things are far, far from what they seem to be at first glance.

So let’s look at the former Chancellor, George Osbourn AKA Mr Bean and compare him to the former Scottish MP, Paul Monaghan:

Mind you, I have to say that I fucking love Mr Bean… I mean, he is usually that coked-up, he ain’t got a Scooby-Fucking-Do what’s going on half the time:

And neither can he keep his emotions in check.

I mean I couldn’t stop laughing when the mad cunt was bawling his eyes out over the death of the sexual deviant, Slaggy Maggie Thatcher.

And here’s a bit more on Bean’s love of Coke:

I have spoken quite in depth to Natalie on the phone and I can tell you that she is lovely. And like all prominent whistle-blowers she has been given a hard time by the press & Establishment.

Okay, let’s take a look at what the ladies get up to – and I use the word “ladies” very loosely.

Amber Rudd & Amanda Milling for example. Also take into account that some of the people mentioned may not be MP’s anymore but they were at the time I put the comparison photos together.

And do remember to allow for photo-shopping and narrowed eyes… After all, I will remind you that the Monsters may be piss-takers but they certainly are not fucking idiots!

Indeed, Mr Bean’s wife at the time, Frances Bean Osbourn also got in on the act (Act being an appropriate word).

You see, I also believe that Franny the Fanny may well be the decidedly dodgy, Top politician Yvette Cooper:

A simple change of eye colour here.

Photo: Half & Half… You can see how Bean has had her eyelid removed to give the impression of bigger eyes.

Moreover, Bean scored 100% match with the Scottish MP, Carol Monaghan on a facial recognition website:

Twice in fact – a near impossibility if they were two different people being compared (or photo images).

And while Franny & Carole may look different in the above, I gotta tell you that the facial recognition website has proved to be extremely accurate.

Furthermore, knowing how the Monsters like to take the piss out of us you would also think that both Scottish MP’s, Paul & Carole Monaghan (at least they were SMP’s at one time or another), were like George & Frances, i.e also husband & wife… But they ain’t, it is just another one of them there big fat coincidence thingamajigs.

And I should also say that I have evidence of many other made-up characters played by Mrs Bean… Who is in fact part of the Goldsmith dynasty.

One of those other characters would be Colleen Prendegrast.

Colleen is a part of… Wait for it, wait for it… ISIS publishing house!

Which at this point I will mention the MP Clive Lewis:

And then we have the MEP, Sajjad Karim:

PHOTO: Comparison between MEP, Sajjad Karim and the fraud Belgian hate-preacher, Abdallah Benali… Check out the ears.

PHOTO: Comparison between the MEP, Sajjad Karim and fraud Paris Terrapin, Salad Aneggs

But don’t get me started on ISIS else we will never get done.

Mind you, I should also stop calling these ‘photos’ because they are not, they are “images” and obviously the press photographers would need to be in on the fraud… Which is why I strongly suspect that the likes of SWNS Media Group are just a front for this type of thing… As is the aforementioned ISIS Publishing House.

However getting back to it and for a quick cross-check, let’s see how Carole Monaghan fairs with Colleen since Mrs Bean is a ringer for both:

Happy days.

Carole also plays the part of newly retired MP Jessica Morden (more than):

And according to Wikipedia:

Hmmm – I see that there has also been another 7 MP’s hopping on the Gravy-Train since 2008… Carry on:

Newport East being her own Constituency!

Let’s carry on with the comparisons:

PHOTO: Sara Basford & Margot James – former MP

Why does Sara look like shes been skewered through her cheeks? In fact she has got a bit of the Homer Simpson look about her.

Meantime, Jessica Morden is also the former MP, Margot James:

Remember, one sock puppet is always smiling in images; the other always has a serious look about them. Moreover, you can see how different lighting used in the comparison can change a persons appearance.

And in turn, Margot James is the aforementioned MP, Amanda Milling (and all of her other creations):

PHOTO: Amanda Milling & Margot James.

However, in that comparison you can see how airbrushing can make a difference.

Moreover, a slightly older looking Margot James could well be the newly retired MP, Jo Churchill – her surname being highly significant later in this article:

PHOTO: James & Churchill.

A change of hairstyle & colour as well as a change of blue to brown eyes making a hell of a lot of difference at first glance… As does the lighting on Churchill’s nose make it appear narrower than it really is.

However, take a closer look and you will notice that the teeth & chin are the same as well as the left eye on both their images; being slightly more closed than their right.

And of course it goes without saying that Churchill is up to her neck in all this shit, playing the part of Council Chief Leslie Seary in some old bollox about a paedophile teacher:

Lesley Seary, is supposedly the former £160,000-a-year chief executive at London’s Islington Council… Islington Council having once been overrun with powerful paedophiles.

And I do believe that the former Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn was the Islington MP at the time.

Corbyn also plays former award winning Telegraph journalist Eric Baxter – or vice versa.

Look at the ear & nose!

But back to Leslie Seary & Jo Churchill:

PHOTO: Churchill & Seary – everything matches, the ears, eyes (apart from the colour), nose & chin.

And as you would expect, the pair also line up brilliantly with all those others that I mentioned earlier:

Remember, young vs old is another technique used by the fraudsters.

Therefore, it will come as little surprise that Churchill & Co line up perfectly with the little known actress Sue Gilmore:

PHOTO: Sue Gilmore with a half face Jo Churchill overlaid.

Mind you, Sue’s mug shot is very airbrushed in the above image.

It is also worth mentioning that Jo Churchill and the aforementioned flapper Paul Maynard had Joinder created not so long ago:


And I just want to return to Leslie Seary for a minute or thirty. You see, being the mother to a nonce teacher didn’t hurt her career at all… But as I say, Islington Council employees like that kind of thing.

The following is from the Islington Gazette & was published on the 24th of Feb 2023:

However, Seary’s nonce daughter, Alice McBearty appears to change faces more than her ‘mother’ does:

And when it comes down to the images the press use – not only in this case but as is the norm – you have to wonder why they don’t enhance them so their readers can view them at their best?

But then again I think we know why don’t we?

Of course we fucking do.

Moreover, I find it very suspect that around the same time that Teacher-Teacher Alice McB was doing her kiddie fiddling, so were another untold number of samey-similar-young-looking (23-25yr old), flat-dick teachers paedophiling all over the faces of their [mostly male]13-15 yr old pupils.

Although what them lucky boys were moaning about is lost on me. I mean in my day we had to think ourselves lucky if 45 yr old, beer belly, BO Bob the PE teacher perved on us!

In fact the minor epidemic was even mentioned in the press – which it would be obviously. You can find one such American article HERE, but as I have demonstrated – and will continue to do so – the Atlantic Ocean holds no boundaries.

(Please note, the bird who I told you to take note of is English and her name is Kandice Barber; not Kacey)

Mind you, that last bird in those images is not the only one who looks like our Alice Beard McBreaty.

For instance, just take a look at these following comparisons:

Sorry, I fucked up again! That last image is of Kandice Barber, not Kandace… In my defence I do have an awful lot to remember here and when I am doing the images I cannot refer back to the article. And anyway, my longtime readers will know that I am useless with names but I will try harder in future.

Furthermore, that batch only deals with the ‘police mugshot’ of Alice and not the other images of her courtesy of the press, although you would have thought the Paedo-Mother, Leslie Seary AKA Jo Churchill would have let them borrow far better photos.

But still, take a butchers at this next batch, which further deals with Kandice vs Alice as well as others including Kelly Daglish – Daughter of football legend Kenny, and Rebecca Joynes; who was today (4/7/24) sentenced to 6 yrs for noncing:

Football also plays a large part in these frauds, but that is for another time. Meanwhile, Kelly was married to Tom Cates who is described thus:

“Chief Storyteller” ah?

Well best then we investigate Mrs Cates further:

And let’s not forget that Kelly is a television presenter – yet another suspect profession.

So best we have a quick look at Mother, Marina – wife to Kenny Daglish:

And do you know what? I sorta wished I had never bothered because Marina Daglish opened a whole new can of worms!

I mean for starters she could also be the MP Rosie Duffield (Duff):

Or even her lookalike daughter Kelly Daglish could be for that matter.

And then we have this:

Now since those comparisons are not particularly proof positive we best do some cross referencing:

And let me tell you that Elaine Smith is dodgy as fuck:

However, more on these shysters later because we still have two other images of the ever changing face of Alice McBreaty to look at.

Now it really is multiple choice where she is concerned… So I will let you choose.

And your starter for ten is Chloe Ayling & Candice Barber:

Next up to compare Alice Brearty with errrr… Alice Brearty – A Scottish editor apparently.

I could definitely half ‘n’ half them – even with the bags under the eyes of our main Alice because you will find that the bottom of those is where Alice the Editors eyes will match up with.

And then we have Becky Watts.

Becky, from Bristol – a City with a lot of Satanic activity – was [fake] murdered in 2015 by her step-brother & his bird. She was 16 years old at the time.

And once again, I wrote about the psyop in great detail and when Chloe Ayling was [fake] kidnapped two years later, I linked the pair because they were/are very similar in looks.

Okay, that’s your choice for number 3… I feel like a game show host here.

However, there are some things that you ought to know about young Becky.

Now as I said earlier 16 yr old Becky was [fake] murdered by her step brother, Nathan Matthews who received a life sentence for murder, and his bird Shauna Hoare (whore), who was given 17 years for manslaughter. And according to the press she was released last September.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, 7 time baby killer & 7 time attempted baby killer, ‘nurse’ Lucy Letby was given a whole life term last August… You know where this is going don’t you:

And to make it really easy for me the press even created Joinder between the pair – despite the highly improbable scenario:

Oh my days! If you believe that you will believe anything. In fact that old bollox is on a par with Rose West finger blasting Myra Hindley:

And they were another pair of made up characters.

Mind you, I am not sure how Becky Watts was murdered in 2015 at the tender age of 16, when 2 years later she died again as a 12 yr old named Amy Gaskin.

But it don’t end there because 4 months later, when she (Becky) was 18 yrs old and by now calling herself Emily Bowen, she carried out an acid attack on her love rival, 17 yr old Molly Young… Who just so happened to be 25 yr old Sam Bryan – the daughter of Ian Huntley, the main protagonist in the Soham Murders Psyop.

Who the fuck writes this!!!

And moving on swiftly to acciiiddd flinging freak, Emily Bowen… Her dads a Barrister don’t cha know.

And Emily even has the same weird ear as Bella… Just sayin’. Furthermore, there is an Actor called Emily Bowen, but the comparisons are inconclusive due to lack of photos… Sort of:

Which just leaves us with Emily’s victim, Molly Young who as I say is also Samantha Bryan – Ian Huntleys daughter:

Now perhaps it’s my perverted mind but I can’t help but think that Molly & Sam could – and I emphasize the word ‘Could’ – be the English porn star Olivia Keane.

In fact there are many porn stars who agree to do this shit probably because they have loose morals… Indeed my long time readers will know that on more than a few occasions I have proved this to be true.

And as a bit of a long shot, Olivia could also pass for our young Maureen Fagan – who you will hear more about shortly:

Their teeth are identical!

But it is as I say, all total bollox… I mean that much is obvious when the press tell us that after the Becky trial the poor old judge bawled like a baby.

Becky is certainly Chloe Ayling in that Image!

Yet the thing is, I don’t think Becky is even dead and neither is Amy Gaskin… That is to say their characters live on:

As I say, not a statement of fact, but very coincidental and in line with all that I have said so far.

Course, this would be far from the first time that the dead have been bought back to life.

Remember the Space Shuttle Challenger‘ disaster which happened in 1986?

Well after a reasonable period of time for people to forget about the old bollox (20-30 yrs), the astronauts simply got on with their lives:

Now how is that for coincidence? Sharon McAuliffe is fuck all to do with the now former Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. Furthermore Sharon now lectures at Syracuse University and Guess where Our Terry was born?

Yep, in Syracuse… But that would be just another coincidence, wooden-tit?

And as for Gregory Jarvis – the unidentified member of the crew? Well I have to say that I have seen a lot of really good work by others, proving that the Challenger disaster was a psyop but they haven’t really been thinking outside of the box.

You see, it is quite obvious to me that Jarvis is Michael J Smith:

Mystery solved.

And with Neil Armstrong heading the investigation committee into the “disaster” only reinforces the fact that it was a psyop… After all, 🎶 If you believe they put a man on the moon, man on the moon 🎶…

In fact Armstrong was in all probability Yuri Gagarin – the 1st astronaut in space – or vice versa, thus leading to the conclusion that there never was a space race and far from being enemy’s the Russian’s & the USA were working in tandem to scare the bejesus out of us all… They still are as it happens:

And that is what you get for letting Secret Societies (Free Masons) rule the world.

Nevertheless, now take a look at ‘Olivia Campbell’ who was allegedly killed at the Manchester Arena, Ariane Grande concert bombing:

And since one face fits all, Olivia Campbell also doubles up nicely with acid attack victim Molly Young’s very dodgy image:

Now while we are on about the Manchester Arena, Ariande Grande (you can make the word Arena out of the singers name) concert bomb attack it is also worth mentioning Eve Aston. And this isn’t me going off topic again, since this article is to do with showing you what these cunts are capable of.

Now Eve was subject to one of those update press stories and in this case the follow up came 4 years after the Manchester bomb attack:

Now trust me because you will like this and who knows, it may even help Richard D Hall while i’m at it (Read my article on Richard HERE).

You see, Eve Aston is Ariande Grande – or at least her image is:

And I am not even going to bother doing a half face overlay for that one.

So let’s get back to Olivia Campbell (crisis actor) and it is worth mentioning that she could – and I stress ‘Could‘ – also play currently newsworthy, nonce Teacher Rebecca Joynes (joins):

After all, these crisis actors do need to keep working and those who are trustworthy & loyal to the cause are entitled to expect further employment.

Now, since we have seen how well Olivia fits with Rebecca Joynes, Amy Gaskin & Molly Young it follows that she should do the same with the nonce teacher, Alice McBreaty:

And Paedo Alice brings us back full circle.

So, moving on or not as is the case since we now need to return to ISIS Publishing’s, Colleen Pendergrast.

You see, Col is also Kat Dawson, the hero in the Sydney, Lindt cafe siege another blatant psyop.

Dawson was reportedly a Barrister – as are many of the people we have seen and are going to see along the way. And as is the norm in these psyops, the victims usually double up… Such as Selina Win Pe & Marcia Mickhael (sieg heil):

Inset photo is of Marcia Sieg Heil.

Now, before I continue it should be noted that the UK, America and Australia regularly exchange crisis actors to avoid detection.

Therefore, I think that we shall call this next section Boston Bollocks Part 2: The Victims.

You see, Julie Taylor the pregnant BARRISTER who HERO, Kat Dawson died saving and who (Julie) later named her baby after her saviour, is also Krystle Campbell – one of the birds who allegedly died in the Boston Bomb Bollox:

I am not sure what the fuck is going on with Julie Taylor’s ear in that top photo so best we ignore it.

Their ear and freckled skin help give the game away.

And here is another couple or three for your consideration:

Now, Krystle Campbell (the weird spelling of the name Kristel is a hint) is also without doubt Boston bomb amputee, Adrianne Haslet

Naturally, Happy-As-Larry Haslet (seen in the main photo above) had to have a job which an amputation would be seriously detrimental to and as such she was deemed a dancer. And to carry on with the old bollox in order to perpetuate the myth/fraud, a few years later she was hit by a car:

Ha, ha, Commonwealth Avenue, you couldn’t make that shit up!

Moreover, fellow Boston bomb survivor Victoria McGrath was killed in a car crash 3 years after narrowly losing her leg:

PHOTO: Victoria McGrath and the car that she was allegedly killed in.

And below is an image of the driver, Cody Nixon [photoshopped into the car] and what he ironically published on Instagram before the crash:

The inset image is allegedly, the Ferrari after the crash so he obviously was speeding – and very fast too.

However, McGrath also doubled up as Boston bomb amputee, Rebekah Gregory

And unlike Craig Mackinlay; Gregory had to apparently endure 76 operations before she could walk on her false leg:

Gregory & McGrath are also in all likelihood, Jessica Kensky, who having had the one leg blown off at the Boston Marathon, later had to have the other one removed – or so she says:

PHOTO: Jessica Kensky with Rebekah Gregory inset… Check out the ears.

Nevertheless, getting back to Colleen Pendergrast and her Australian doppelganger, Kat Dawson. You see, Dawson also played the role of Charlotte Bevan:

Depressed, Charlotte Bevan from Bristol (Bristol again) allegedly walked out of hospital with her newborn baby after which they then both froze to death.

Again: ho hum… Although as I said, you would be surprised at how often Bristol crops up in these psyops – it is indeed a very Satanic place.

Charlotte is also a ringer for Sydney Siege Victim Harriette Denny:

PHOTO: Charlotte Bevan & Harriette Denny

Mind you, Charlotte was a bit of a Heifer so it must have been fucking cold that night for her to freeze to death:

And her ‘Mother’ is even taller!!!

Nevertheless, do you remember what I said earlier about the Press being in on the frauds & SWNS in particular? Here, I will remind you:

Mind you, I should also stop calling these ‘photos’ because they are not, they are “images” and obviously the press photographers would need to be in on the fraud… Which is why I strongly suspect that the likes of SWNS Media Group are just a front for this type of thing… As is the aforementioned ISIS Publishing House”.

Now take a butchers at this:

And that is the best that the CCTV ever got of Charlotte leaving the hospital!

Nevertheless, it later became clear what this psyop was all about after one of the countless articles about Charlotte had the following article attached to it:

Thus leading to outrage amongst the sensitive ‘Right-On‘ brigade… You see, the whole point of many of these psyops is to do exactly that because the initial outrage then leads to a feeling of helplessness & lowers a persons vibration.

Yet, doesn’t depressed mum Libby Binks look familiar? Kinda like depressed Charlotte Bevan?

Well let’s have a fucking gander at the pair then:

And of course with crisis actor Charlotte also being crisis actor Kat Dawson, then Dawson should also be a match for Binky babes too.

Shouldn’t she? Of course she fucking should:

But it don’t end there… It never does, does it?

You see, Kat is also a ringer for our favorite nurse, Lucy Letby:

So, how does Charlotte fair with “Here’s Lucy”:

See… Everything connects to everything.

Which takes us back to Colleen Pendergrast, who started this whole section… She too is a ringer for Lucy Letby:

And check out the eye bags in the two comparison pics of Colleen & Lucy.

However, as we have seen, these people do not always stay dead. And that would also appear to be the case with Charlotte Bevan:

And Charlotte Bevan is not the only alive Charlotte Bevan to play our, errr, Charlotte Bevan:

But getting back to our MP’s, and next up we have the Rt Hon Lucy Frazer QC (Barrister), who was appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on the 7th of February 2023… Only when she is compared to the other usual suspects, you quickly gather that she isn’t ‘honourable at all!

PHOTO: Faked nosed, Liz Frazier compared to Carole Monaghan.

Fuck me, it is no wonder that extra wide-mouth Bizzy Lizzie is Secretary of State for the Media! I mean it makes it all the much easier for her/them to play invented people in the national press… Claire Allen for instance – who is supposedly a Doctor (another favorite occupation for these made up personas as are scientists):

Wanna compare Claire? Of course you fucking do:

Both noses are altered with the good Doctor’s looking like a melted mess and Carole Monaghan’s having had that queer ‘V’ shadow added to the underneath of hers.

Also look at Carole’s earring in the above photo. It looks more like a neck-ring which is an excellent example as to what I mean by all these images being digitally altered.

Now what the fuck is that about?

Nevertheless, once you overlay half of Carole’s face onto Claire’s, I think that you will Clairely gather (see what I did there) that they are one & the same:

And I will remind you of the fact that creating multiple sock puppets is easily more achievable by the use of different camera lighting (especially so) and facial expressions (such as squinting their eyes). For example, take the photos below of Dr Claire and the MP Sarah Jones in which Claire has gone from a brunette to a ginger:

Teeth? In fact Sarah’s face has not changed at all despite the half face Dr Allen overlay!

And, Alias Smith & Jones is another who doesn’t understand parliamentary rules:

And despite my view that Jones – along with the rest of her cronies – should be charged with criminal conspiracy, she was instead charged with getting tough on knife crime… Or put another way, having already been banned from keeping guns, Jones now wanted to further stop us protecting ourselves by owning anything other than blunt eating utensils.

You see, these criminals are terrified that the people will eventually cotton on to their game and rise up against them in what would be a bloody revolution… However, given the apathetic general population, I would say that they are very safe for now.

Dr Allen and Scottish Mp Christina McKelvie are also remarkably similar in looks:

And the Scottish Daily Express had this to say about McKelvie:

Now, if you think that adult “Furries” are just a bunch of soft-lads & lassies having some silly but harmless fun, think again.

You see, the Furries Community is all about kinky sex, with many participating in sex with dogs (furries) and extreme vaginal stretching… Just sayin’.

Furthermore, would you Adam & Eve it, shortly after I first posted my evidence on Carole Monaghan & Co back in the day, I received a Facebook friend request from a bird named Helen Wynn:

And who is Helen a ringer for?

I mean, surely to fuck Ms Wynn cannot be Carole Monaghan?

Photo: Carole compared to Helen Wynn.

You couldn’t make it up! Although you would be really, really surprised who I have had FB friend requests from in the past… In fact it got so out of hand that I very rarely accept friend requests these days and anybody who applies has to meet a certain criteria to be accepted.

And making your nose all but disappear like Ms Wynn has in the photo above certainly won’t meet the standard.

Moreover, I should point out that in order for people like Helen Wynn to make their social media account appear legit & on-going, there are always some familiar faces among her friends to help her out… Kim Walker for example:

I shall return to Ms Walker very shortly.

Now, it isn’t just Colleen Pendegrast who is part of that ISIS publishing house set up… Penelope Rarwlings is too (Pen & Pen). Albeit that information is around 10 years old.

You see, ISIS batter Penny-Raw is a ringer for Nadine Dorries MP:

And as I have told & shown you in previous (long gone) articles of mine, Dorries is also the ISIS Terrapin Sally Jones… But don’t get me started on ISIS for fucks sake…Have I said that already:

Dorries is a very, very naughty girl:

And she is another who got caught out after getting far too greedy:

What’s more, according to Wikipedia:  

A case of least said, soonest forgiven… Or forgotten… I forget now… Or is it ‘mended’… Fuck knows.

And in regard to that peerage fiasco, Dorries – throwing her dummy out of the pram – refused to quit drinking from the money trough as an MP, at least until she could continue to drink from the money trough in the House of Gaylords:

Yet there is still more… Much more:

Ahhh, another innocent mistake then:

But then again, her ‘office expenses’ would be high, wouldn’t they:

Charming… Although I personally think that front teeth would be the wrong tools for the job!

Huh huh, Carry on the Wikipedia:

However, I think she got away with it… But:

Good stuff. I may even get the popcorn out in a minute… What else The Wikipedia:

Phewwww. And I could add more about her wrong doing. In fact I will.

You see, Nadine D, is a ringer for that recently mentioned mucker of Helen Wynn: The wrongly named Kim Walker:

And as such, Kimbo should also be a match for Penny Rawlings, shouldn’t she?

Of course she fucking should:

PHOTO: Kim vs Penny.

Furthermore, Naughty Nads is also a 100% match for the equally naughty MP, Esther McVey on that excellent facial recognition site.

And trust me – as I have already mentioned – it is very hard to get a 100% match on that [now disappeared] website if the compared faces belong to two supposedly different people.

Now, in the past I have pointed out that some of these “Doctors” involved with the government are openly pushing the transgender agenda and those in the Science field, often involves working with babies and young children.

Take these two found below for instance:

Now at this point; and I really don’t want to come across as being condescending but the vast majority of you have no idea how deep and disturbing this conspiracy goes… I am however going to try and show you but it is very complicated and an absolute fucking nightmare to put together.

And as such, you really do need to pay attention to this next section in regard to the American’s, Fagan & Morrissey. Furthermore, and as always don’t let the Atlantic Ocean put you off.

After all, if I didn’t know how to find shit out how would I ever be able to connect American Scientists to British MP’s and Mrs Bean?

PHOTO: Fagan (Fagin) with an overlay of Frances Bean on her mush, which couldn’t be a better match – no touching in needed what-so-ever.

See the difference lighting & soft lenses make?

Moreover, Fagin is in all probability Kathie Allen (same surname as one face fits all Dr Allen) whom was a 2017 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Utah. Source.

And don’t it make my brown eyes blue… Good dat innit?

Moreover, it would not surprise me if Fagan turned out to be the Scottish Politician, Pat Gibson:

Now once again, that photo of Gibson is around 10 years on from that of Fagans.

Nevertheless, Gibson should also be a ringer for Kathie Allen, should she not?

Of Course she fucking should… Looks good to me.

Moreover, Pat Gibson is in all probability our old friend Dr Claire Allen and her many other sock puppets:

A much more recent image of Gibson compared to that of Allens, Yet the eyes, nose, teeth and chin all match up.

Now it would seem that Dr Maureen Fagan is a busy beaver since I have been able to track her down all over the shop:

But here is the thing. Having become the Chief Nursing Executive – apparently sometime before 2022 – at the University of Miami, Wambi Florida, I discovered that her new boss is an old bird called Dr Bonnie Clipper.

And Chipper Clipper – least I’m assuming she’s chipper given her huge annual salary – has way more qualifications than our Mo.

So fucking what?” you say… No need to swear say’s I. But the fact is, Dr Bon-Bons IS Dr Fagan!

Double Bubble – Nice work if you can get it.

Now remember I said not to be put off by the Atlantic Ocean? And that would be because it would appear that the Irish have their own version of Yankee Mo:

You may remember that I compared Young Paddy Fagan to English porn star Olivia Keane earlier.

Course, the Irish version of Fagan looks a bit younger than the American version, but once again remember that I told you that this was another technique employed by the Monsters.

And as for the other reprobate, Lisa Morrissey – mentioned in the same original image with Fagan? Well, best I give you a reminder to save you having to scroll up to refresh your memory’s… I really am too good to you lot:

However, I can’t talk about Lisa Morrissey without first talking about Jenny Bailey and her Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

You see, when it comes to the OUI, Jenny is the top Central Administrator heading a team of five. However, the research program has not always been called the OUI:

Just sayin’, but don’t get me started on ISIS else we will never get done.

Now Jenny Bailey plays as a regular contestant in the fraud game: “What’s In A Name“, but more on that later.

However, if I told you that Lisa Morrissey is also Jenny Bailey and showed you the following comparisons…

I strongly anticipate that you would tell me that I am talking bollox.

But on the other hand, if I told you that Lisa Morrissey is also Jenny Bailey and showed you the following comparisons…

You would hopefully say “yeah, I can see that“… Although fuck knows why I keep calling Lisa, Linda in the photos.

Cos you are a Cunt Spivey”… Fair comment.

Yet all four of those comparison photos of Lisa that I have used to compare with Jenny are really, really all the same person… Namely Ms Morrissey.

And below are those four images showing the different faces of Lisa:

PHOTO: The two four faced Lisa.

Google her if ya don’t believe me, but trust, they are all definitely our Lisa Morrissey. Now, this helps my cause obviously because she has a different nose, different earlobes and different teeth, depending on which one of her images you are looking at.

Or put another way, Morrissey looks less like herself than most of the comparison images of supposedly two different people that I have shown you thus far.

And knowing how the shysters work, Lisa could well be her fellow scientist, Maureen Fagan.

So far so good although not 100%.

Therefore, best we have another bash:

And again, you may not be entirely convinced, so I am going to go about trying to do so via a different route.

Now, you probably won’t remember – and why should you when you have me – but one of the health care facilities that MAUREEN Fagan worked in was the Brigham & Women’s Hospital… As did MAUREEN Morin (see below).

And who does Mo Morin look like?


Indeed it would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking serious! As is the fact that I am still calling Lisa, Linda in the images and Mo Morin; Mo Molin.

That’s cos your’e still a Cunt Spivey“… True dat.

But I am taking steps to allow me to rectify the problem by adding another search engine which will allow me to check on these things while doing the images.

And like Fagan; Dr Morrissey is also the Scottish Politician, Pat Gibson:

PHOTO: Pat Gibson & Linda Lisa Morrissey

Nevertheless, getting back to Jenny Bailey.

And I don’t think there can be any doubt that Jenny is also the MP Lucy Frazier – who we have already seen is Carole Monghan:

There can be little doubt about that and she even shares Lucy’s wide mouth.

And just to double check, Jenny should also resemble Carole Monaghan shouldn’t she?

Of course she does.

So now it’s time for Jenny Bailey, with her many aliases and her part in ‘What’s In A Name’.

Now before we go any further I will point out that I am not necessarily saying that these Muppets are all the same persons… You have to decide that for yourself.

However, what I am saying is that with their looks & names they are all connected in order to create joinder for the Monster Elite.

What’s more, there are that many Jenny Baileys & their lookalike connections, who are mostly Specialist doctors or Lawyers that I cannot possibly show you them all here.

So for the minute we will return to our Dr Maureen Fagan, and then we will have just a few more Jenny Baileys:

And I am not going to be able to realistically do more, cos I have literally dozens of them.

However, I gotta do this next one cos it’s my favourite:

And like the rest of the Cunts, Dr Lisa Morrisey doesn’t know when to quit either.

You see, she is also Annemarie O’Brien:

These people always seem to work with children! Just like nurse Lucy Letby.

And I say that because Annemarie lines up very nicely with the murderer:

I bet you weren’t expecting that! In fact it is almost like there is some kind of Magic at work… And I will come to that subject later on.

However, now would be as good a time as any to return to the Lucy Letby psyop. You see, the fraud is based on the 1990’s Nurse Beverly Allitt psyop:

That led to Allitt being sentenced to a minimum 30 yr prison sentence in 1993, before being transferred to Rampton high security mental hospital.

And oh but the presstitutes do like to keep us up to date with these faux killers. In fact in 2018 Bev was a forerunner for Craig Mackinlay in the Sepsis department:

Apparently though all her limbs are still attached to her.

Moreover, the press have kindly formed Joinder between the pair:

And they have done so in more ways than you would think, because, despite the fact that they are two totally different people, I can tell just by looking at those two images that they have been manipulated in such a way that if you overlaid one face on top of the other all of their features would line up… Hence their dodgy right eyes.

Betcha a tenner I’m right:

You’s all owe me a tenner.

I wonder if that is why Lucy has two different noses – one to match Beverly Allitt’s…

And the ‘pinched’ one matches bonkers crime wave killer Joanna Dennehy:

Fuck me this is exhausting:

Now that my friends has to be one of the best comparisons to date & justifies this article alone.

Moreover, the press once again created the all important joinder:

And the bird pictured next to Lucy is Jo Dennehy’s prison crush, Emma Aitken. She too is [allegedly] doing life for murder but once again her face has been manipulated in order to match Lucy’s thus creating further joinder:

Now just for the hard of learning, I am not, repeat not saying that Emma & Lucy or Lucy & Beverly are the same person. It is just that their images have been manipulated so as their eyes, nose & mouth correspond exactly with each other… Geddit?

Of course you fucking do.

And it goes without saying that Jo Dennehy – described as the most dangerous woman in prison – is also subject to pathetic press stories.

Oh my fucking days! Still it just goes to make for more Joinder since the Fred & Rose West Show is far from cosher… As you will find out later.

Course Joanna Dennehy plays many more people than just Lucy… So let me take you through them starting her off with some more Lucy:

And I bet you never envisaged this next one either.

Although for the record I am only 50-50 on the match:

The trouble being of course is that all the images are so fucked around with, poor quality and limited in choice that sometimes it’s just impossible to get a decent comparison.

But ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die… And of course ‘to reason why’ a little bit… Well a lot actually.

Jo & Shauna Hoare next.

Jo has a daughter, who may or may not be Manchester bomb victim Olivia Campbell:

However, since Olivia is a crisis actor we best take a look at her parents, don’t cha think?

Of course you fucking do… I really got to stop doing that:

Well what about Joanne Dennehey’s Rents then?

Anna Turley is a very, very naughty girl as you are about to find out in the next couple of minutes.

Nevertheless, last October Beverly Allitt (Fucking hell, that was a swift change of subject weren’t it?) had served 30 years leading to her taking her first steps towards her eventual release:

And of course with this being the case they had to roll out some of her living ‘victims’ to feign outrage at the news… Well they couldn’t roll out the dead ones obviously

PHOTO: Victim Kayley Asher and her parents

Kayley is a particular favourite to appear anytime Allitt is in the news… Yet they always use old photos of her.

However, I think that they are just taking the piss. You see, I do believe that Kayley is Beverly Allitt:

And as always with these fake serial killers, the victims are always sock puppets of one another… That is if you can even make out their faces in the more often than not blurry photos.

However, in the case of Bev’s ‘victims’, some of the images aren’t too bad:

Hmmm… Not too good either.

However, I am nothing if not tenacious so let’s see what I can come up with.

Well that’s a great fucking start, even if I do say so myself. And did you check out the ears on Mummy Davidson & Ann Turley?

Turley is another one who lived in the paedo paradise of Islington… Not that I am saying she is a nonce or nowt, but given the above she is certainly a fucking criminal.

Nevertheless, onwards & upwards to see what else I can come up with:

And I promise you that parts of young Michael’s face in the top inset photo make up a lot of Beverly’s.

Oh, and before I forget, Michael Davidson is also Jon Venables, who was convicted of murdering 4yr old James Bulger:

I would know those fucking teeth anywhere!

“So what of the other boy?”, I hear you ask… You mean Robert Thomson? I reply.

Well as it happens he was the [presumed] murdered missing schoolgirl, Genette Tate… Kinda like the killer becomes the victim and changes sex while he’s at it:

Okay, since it is going so well we will continue with our little pal Timmy Hardwick compared to Allitt ‘victim’ Paul Crampton.

There were no fucking victims for crying out loud. I could show you more but I think I have done enough with the above to prove that Beverly Allitt was/is nothing more than a crisis actor.

Are you angry yet?

Not angry enough I’m sure. So after that long detour we will get back to the Anne Marie O’Brien’s and as I was saying, they all seem to work with children.

Indeed I am sure that our British version of Annemarie O’Brien doubtlessly works with kid’s too being a “Talent Agent”… Another one!

And as you can see, Annemarie is not far off looking like Leslie Seary/Jo Churchill’s daughter, nonce Alice McBreaty… Although, that is not to say that they are one & the same, only that everything needs to connect in the world of the Satanic elite.

However, you may remember me telling you that Mum Leslie’s career wasn’t harmed none by her ‘daughters’ kiddie fiddlin’ because 3 years after the event she was awarded a CBE and last year she was appointed as new Chair of Governors for Redbridge Institute of Adult Education.

And with that in mind, have a butchers below:

Maybe the student is Gummy Annemarie O’Brien, maybe she isn’t… But it’s food for thought anyway.

And while we are on the subject of Talent Agent Gummy Annemarie, it should come as no surprise that a talent agency such as hers would have on their books a young talented singer also named Annemarie O’Brien… Mind you, I’m not saying she is on Gummy’s books, because I really don’t know.

However, before I show you this young talent I will remind you that paedo, Alice McBreaty not only resembles our talent agent Annemarie O’Brien (as seen above), but she also resembles Becky Watts:

And even O’Brien’s half face is almost a perfect match when overlaid on Alice McBreaty’s.

Now, returning to Linda Lisa Morrissey, because she could also be our old friend Christina McKelvie (Dr Claire Allen), Minister for Drugs and Alcohol Policy of Scotland… Which is apt since all these scum get proper on it:

But it gets better – or worse, depending on which way you look at it.

You see, I have just remembered why I keep calling Lisa, Linda.

And that is because she looks very much like the former MP, Linda Gilroy to me:

Now, Gilroy also may or may not be [Barrister] Cherie Blair and might also have doubled as Murderess, Rose West – See my detailed article HERE

Certainly Satanist & war criminal, Tony Blair & Gilroy were closer than what would be appropriate if what I say about Linda being Cherie is nonsense:

Gilroy also shares her surname with the aforementioned killer David Gilroy.

Now, if you doubt what I say – which I don’t doubt… Let’s first compare Linda to Cherie:

So far so good, which would make Gilroy, Linda Blair – the same name as an actress who played a bird possessed by an evil entity.

And then we need to compare Linda to Rose West:

PHOTO: Gilroy in her Rose West glasses.

Any questions so far?

No? Okay then we also need to compare Cherie Blair to Rosie West:

Loving it, loving it… Carry on:

I’m sure that there will still be a few doubting Thomassssssesses…. How the fuck do you end words like that?

Soooo, let me tell you that Fred was in all probability played by the former MP, DOCTOR David Drew:

PHOTO: Fred West compared with David Drew… Note the ears and the gap in the teeth are the same.

So let’s have a closer inspection:

PHOTO: Drew photo overlaid onto West photo… Notice how all the features match up.

And the coincidences don’t stop there, You see, DOCTOR David Drew, the former MP for stroud, was first elected to Parliament in 1997 – the same year as Linda Gilroy was, as chance would have it.

And before becoming an MP, Drew had been a Councillor for Gloucestershire County Council, having been born in the County – as was Fred West, as chance would once again have it.

Oh, and let’s not forget this very telling photo:

And if that isn’t enough evidence staring you straight in the face then I am fucked if I know what is! I mean David Drew, MP from Gloucestershire posing for a photo with Cherie Blair and both looking exactly like Fred & Rose West from errrr… Gloucestershire.

And funnily enough I wrote an article around 9 years ago in which Nancy Drew had been mentioned and I commented on his photo at the time about how much he looked like Fred West… Course, I was a lot more naive back then despite the truth staring me in the face.

Finally, the boy Fred West nicked his childhood photo from that of the faked moors-murders victim, Keith Bennett:

Look at their ears, glasses and hair cut, they are exactly the same.

Or is that just a coincidence?

Oh, and I can also do the same with the West’s ‘victims’ & extended ‘family’ as I did with Beverly Allitt… As can I the Yorkshire Rippers.

So, if you haven’t read my above linked article, then I strongly suggest you do as there is much more to the West conspiracy. And as a side note to BARRISTER, Cherie Blair – the daughter of ACTOR, Tony Booth – it is interesting and telling of her character that at the age of 22, she went to study under the watchful eye of Lord Derry Irving who reportedly took great pleasure in painting the future Mrs Blair in the nude… And he wasn’t the only one who did:

Now, am I getting through to all of you? Of course I am – least I fucking hope so.

However, just to reiterate my point about not letting the oceans get in the way, take a look at the former New Zealand Prime Mincer, John Key and the American Politician Jared Polis:

PHOTO: Polis & Key or vice versa.

You can find an article that I wrote about the sex-pest, John Key by clicking HERE

And obviously this kind of thing is also rife with American Politicians, I mean take Rand Paul (who’s old man Ron was supposedly going to save us all from these monsters) and Timothy Franz Geithner, the American former central banker who served as the 75th United States Secretary of the Treasury

And surely no two people could have those same ears – Although American politician Jack Lew does.

Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew is the U.S. Ambassador to Israel… Well there’s a fucking surprise.

Indeed, was it not for those ears, both Timothy Franz Geithner and Rand Paul would look identical to the Brit SOLICITOR, Andrew Wallace – Blackadders, fuck me, where do they get off?

In turn Wallace is a doppelganger for the former MP Ed Vaizey, who is now a member of The House of Gaylords.

And unlike Wallace, Ed does have the ears for it:

Okay, let’s now look at those involved with our top universities – a breeding ground for the elite, monsters & spies.

For instance:

DOCTOR Andrew Leach (apt surname) – as you can see from the comparisons above – is a ringer for both the paedophile Peter Tatchell and the MP Ben Bradshaw… But more on those two later, although it is – at this point – appropriate to publish what Wikipedia has to say about Tatchell:

Fucking Nonce.

Right, let’s now have a butchers at Christa Blomberg… Who’s surname is almost the same as the Multi National, Bloomberg’s.

And if you haven’t noticed, names are very important in these frauds.

Nevertheless, Christa is the double for the very recently retired MP, Stephanie Peacock:

I should also point out that the bottom comparison photo to Christa is of the former MP Gloria De Piero – not our Steph.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the reasonably attractive Stephanie Peacock started dating the wholly unattractive Tom Watson in around late 2012. She was 26 at the time – twenty years younger than Tom the Tit – and had huge aspirations of becoming an MP.

Naturally, I feel sure that Steph’s love for the fat, repulsive gob-shite was genuine and nothing at all to do with what Watson could do for her political career.

PHOTO: Old enough to be her Dad, Tom Watson & young enough to find him repulsive, Stephanie Peacock

Nevertheless, Watson did help her achieve her goal amidst much criticism in the National Press:

However, Steph was unable to win the seat at the next general election… Carry on The Daily Mail:

And that Labour Party candidate for the Falkirk Seat was Watson’s office manager, Karie Murphy:

It is also worth noting that Steph also worked for the unions before taking up with the love of her life ‘Daddy Tom’.

However, not one to be put off by defeat, Steph – for some reason or another – was given another bite of the cherry after being handed the SAFE Labour seat of Barnsley East… Which she went on to win in 2017.

And try not to laugh but 2017 was also the year that Steph dumped ‘Daddy Tom’.

Now, you might have kinda gathered that I don’t like Tom much and that would be because I can’t stand the corrupt cunt. I will therefore take this opportunity to tell you that in the past, I have written in great detail about Tom Tit.

In fact this writing of mine led to a very public spat between me & Tom on Twitter where I made him look very, very silly, leaving Watson to clam up by claiming that he was feeling “very intimidated” by me… Imagine that, a fella who can withstand the wrath of the opposition party while speaking in the House of Conmens, feeling scared by a fella he chose to debate with on social media.

Course, I feel sure that if the debate had gone his way – what with so many people watching – he would have been all too happy to carry on.

Bless you Fatty – he also likes to dress up for frauds, don’t cha know, albeit when he does he likes to let his feminine side come out:

Over to you Tom.

Mind you, sometimes – as I think I might have already said – all that is needed to create a new character is a change of hairstyle & colour. For instance Tracey Crouch and some other MP whose name I can’t remember. Indeed, as you will see in the comparison below, both of the MP’s have very distinctive right ears:

Moving on swiftly, and false teeth are always a good give away because usually they have to fit over the actors real teeth meaning that there is more often than not, too much top gum on show… Tracey Crouch MP is an ideal example of this and she is in all probability also Cat Smith MP.

Furthermore in the comparison below, check out how Tracey Crouch’s ears have dramatically changed to her ears in the comparison photo above… Ho hum:

Oh, and I also found this very interesting picture on my travels:

Now this is supposedly the sister of Zoe Turner, who I wrote about in 2015 after she had a car crash and her life was saved thanks to her tight red dress:

Total bollox obviously, hence I wrote about it. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that Zoe’s naked sister looks more like Cat Smith than her sister looks like herself:

But there ya go.

However, Cat Smith MP is more than likely to be Rob Courts MP.

They do like a bit of gender bendering do these Monsters, don’t cha know:

You can read more on my take of the gender bender agenda by clicking HERE.

And if that was a naked photo of Cat she would have a cock, so it can’t be!

Nevertheless, why settle for 2 or 3 made-up entities when you can have 4 or 5? Holly Walker-Lynch for example.

And when you want your gender-bender to look particular beautiful – as is the Monster’s intent – instead of your average Les Dawson or even Tom Watson…

Just call on a sexy celeb to fill the role… Kristen Scott Thomas for example – who played the part of transgender myth buster, Charlie Craggs.

PHOTO: Charlie Craggs & Kirsten Scott Thomas

Check out the teeth (they are the same) and note ‘Charlie’s’ blatantly photo-shopped lengthened/widened chin, broader nose & added extra length on the earlobe… A perfect example of the techniques used to make one person become two.

Yet as far as I am aware, Kristen is a bird so show us ya dick Charlie or we ain’t havin’ it.

Although to be fair, the Government don’t always do a bad job when it comes down to boys being girls and vice versa – Angela Clarke & Rich Clare for instance:

The fella Rich Clare (not Rich Clarke as I have mistakenly called him in the comparison) even has a female surname for fucks sake!

Want another cross-dresser?

Why the fuck not aye? So let’s go for the MP Kate Osamar & the MP Adam Afriyie:

A bit of lip filler and a wig is all that is needed.

Now, here is one that you are going to really find hard to believe, but it is nevertheless true as I painstaking spent a lot of time going to prove in another long lost article.

Moreover, what you have to remember is that all these people are played by at least 3 other people which is why, if you Google them as individuals, they all look slightly different.

Therefore, I will tell you that the ex Prime Mincer, Terry May was/is also a construct and the reason that she walks like a man is because one of those who played her role was Mark Thatcher, the wholly corrupt son of the former perverted Prime Mincer, Slaggy Maggie:

You can find out a hell of a lot more about these prosthetic/latex masks in my article ‘Agenda Bender‘ found HERE.

And what about those extra long arms??? Yet Terrance ain’t the only one to look like an Ape:

Terry certainly ain’t the full fucking ticket, that is for sure.

I mean just fucking look at it:

Did you notice the top with Alien print that Terry is wearing in the photo half way down the collection of the above images? Well you may or may not (no pun intended) be pleased to know that I am not going to talk about Aliens in this article but I would be foolish to dismiss the possibility and they do like to gives us clues in plain sight… Just sayin’.

You can also read a lot more that I have written in the past about old Tel, by clicking HERE… Thank fuck for the Wayback Machine website and they really are deserved of a little donation if you have a couple of quid handy.

But I have to say that I really do despair at the [not so] great British public, who voted May back into the hot seat in the 2017 general election.

And what of Terry’s husband, Philip May? Well he is also a cross dresser.

In fact, here in the photos below are a comparison of Philip May and a lady. The Lady in question was supposedly a shop owner who was used in a Terry photoshoot he/she was on without Phillipa being present:

Cept he was present if you see what I mean… They do like to take the piss, don’t cha know?

In fact you only have to look at the varying height differences between the ‘couple’ to know that Tel was played by more than one person:

And of course, being a construct, Terry May is well aware of the criminality going on in the House of Conmens. After all she is very good friends with the MP Alaister Burt:


Now I have to say at this point – bar a little summing up – I intended to end this extremely difficult to put together article (part 2) here, as it then leads nicely on to part 3 which begins with my mauling of David Cameron.

However, would you Adam & Eve it; Keir Starmer has only gone and won the general-fucking-election today (5/7/24) and knowing what I do about the corrupt cunt, I just couldn’t let it go.

So let me start by saying that in 2017 I wrote a very long, extremely detailed, three part article on the fake Westminster Bridge terrapin attack, called “A Bridge Too Far“.

And like all major psyops, there has to be a member of the public who is the ‘Hero’ of the hour, to then be touted around in seemingly endless TV, radio & newspaper interviews. And in this case, the hero was a fella named Tony Davis:

And obviously I did not for one second believe that old fanny, not least because Davis & his schoolboy boxers had no right to be leaving the Houses of Parliament by an exit door that is strictly for MP’s & other such dignitaries. Indeed, there was no coach waiting for them in front of that door or even in the MP’s carpark – which I had images of supposedly taken at the time.

Nevertheless, it quickly dawned on me that Tony Davis was being played by our new Prime Mincer, the Right Honorable Horrible, Keir Starmer.

Here, have a butchers at these:

And of course, Davis – who supposedly went on to bigger & better things in order to get him out of the country & away from the public eye – was subject to the obligatory press updates, where on this occasion in March 2021 he was used to help perpetuate the Covid myth:

Which begs the question, how the fuck did the English national press find out about his hospitalization in Turkey when for all intents & purposes he was by now a nobody?

Furthermore, if he was coaching the Bahrain Olympic boxing team, why the fuck did he travel at least 2500 miles to Turkey to get treatment? I mean being the Bahrain Olympic Coach, he would certainly have been given the best medical care Bahrain had to offer.

They really do not think these things through.

Nevertheless, to sum up there are 650 MP’s yet most look the same as their colleagues… And remember, I have many, many more examples of others that I haven’t shown you. Therefore, if you worked for a firm with 650 employees where around 1 in 3 people looked the same, would you not get confused as to who is who?

I certainly would and I would definitely want to know what the fuck was going on.

But as always, onward & upwards and David Cameron is another Cunt that I cannot fucking stand… To be continued.