April 21, 2024

Lovely Jublee

Now, I have never ever claimed to have had an underprivileged upbringing and my family certainly never “lived in a hole int road, had cold gravel for breakfast and got up before we went to bed“… Not in my lifetime at least. Quite the opposite in fact although I was born in West Yorkshire and my old man was raised in poverty as a child.

However, he did very, very well at school and eventually became a Charted Accountant.

I mean – by way of example – for the past 47 years my now 84 yr old Ma & relatively recently deceased Pa have lived in a 4 bedroomed house (now worth in excess of half a million quid) situated in a very well-to-do middle-class cul-de-sac, in a very affluent Essex village, well within the London commuter-belt… Which we first moved into having lived in Jamaica for 5 years prior to that – in fact Jamaica was where my youngest brother Michael was born.

And indeed, for those 5 yrs spent living on the small island in the sunny Caribbean sea we had both a gardener & a maid, we holidayed in America and me and my brothers all attended private school – except for brother Michael of course who was too young to attend school in Jamaica…

But I digress, although there is a point to me telling you all of this.

So, when me Ma received a newsletter a month or so ago, inviting her to take part in an organized street party to celebrate the Queer’s 70 yrs on the toilet – as a long standing, very respected senior resident – she did not want to be seen to be boycotting the event, despite her finally half-cottoning-on to the fact that the Queer & Co are far from what they would have you believe… Although I stress; only half cottoning on to what the parasitic Windsors are really like… Different generation see, especially where the middle-classes are concerned.

Course, when she asked me if I would attend, my initial response was along the lines of “will I fuck“… I mean I had a vision of the 1977 Silver Jubilee party where the street was closed off for the day, with a continuous row of tables set up in the middle of the road (from beginning to end of the cul-de-sac), with everyone chatting about how fucking marvelous Bizzy-Lizzie was.

Which I hasten to add was attended by nigh on all of the residents living there at the time… Except for me. You see – despite being a very young teen back then – I didn’t attend that party either; not because I had any particular opinion on the Monarchy back in 77, it was more a case of me being a horrible, anti-social little cunt… Which I still am to be fair.

Nevertheless, after speaking with my anti-monarchy brothers about this up-coming event, they assured me that we would not be paying homage to Sweaty Betty but as a compromise to me Mum; we would be holding a BBQ party on her driveway, as opposed to sitting at a decorators table in the middle of the road, along with all the other fucking idiots, daft enough not to realise that the sick-fuck, deeply-perverted, wholeheartedly-evil, royal-parasites have been having it off at their and their ancestors expense for fucking centuries.

Moreover, my brothers pointed out to me that we would only be attending this off-shoot party out of respect for my old mum and it was a chance for her to show off what a loving family she has – being as there were at least 23 Spivey family members & friends attending; many of whom I have not seen since last year including my eldest brother Paul who was travelling down from Yorkshire.

And better still – too the best of my knowledge – only 3 of the 23 due to attend ‘The Party On The Drive‘ were known to possess any kind of support and/or respect for the Queer and her fucked up family.

Unfortunately, having now relented by agreeing to attend the bash, I did have to make some compromises. For instance, I was forbidden from embarrassing my mother by “booing” anybody and I wasn’t allowed to play “God Save The Queen” by The Sex Pistols, so much as once… Despite, the anti-monarchy anthem now being at Number 1 in the official UK singles chart – which is a proper “fuck you Queenie“:

While the UK celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee over the bank holiday weekend, a reissue of Sex Pistols‘ notorious punk classic “God Save The Queen” has re-entered the Top 5 in “midweek” data from the Official UK Singles chart.

Following its re-release on Friday, the single almost immediately shot to No. 1 in rolling chart data on music services, 45 years to the day from when it was infamously denied the UK top spot. 

Soooo, I am sure that you can imagine my delight, when on [late] arrival to the family bash (held last Friday, 3rd of June), I discovered that; far from being closed off, my mum’s road did not have a single table set up in sight and except for a few gatherings off around 3 or 4 people sat on their drives, there wasn’t a party to be seen or heard… Except for the one being held by the anti-monarchy Barmy-Spivey-Army of course.

Furthermore, this heart-warming, overall-no-show was in stark contradiction to the fact that EVERY single house on the road had Red White & Blue bunting hanging from it… Piss takingly provided to the street party organiser (a very old fella who has lived on the road far longer than my mum & dad have)) via a £400 Grant issued to him by Rochford District Council.

Now I wonder how many of these £400 Grants were issued to others by local Councils across the Cuntry, who in their entirety do not give a flying fuck for those of their residents living in poverty.

Yet I would betcha a pound to a penny that; given the fact that the vast majority of the roads residents were blatantly ignoring the days celebrations, the ONLY reason that every house was festooned with patriotic flag bunting was because no one had the bollocks to say to the old fella organising the event: “I ain’t putting that shit up“… Which is of course typical of those who live in posh houses and do not want to upset the perceived ‘Hive Mind‘ mentality of their neighbours.

Better still, I can honestly say that on the 15 minute drive from my home to my Mum’s, I did not see a single road closure or party in the offing… Not one!

Course, if you were silly enough to believe the arse-licking National Press, then there were citizens in their millions celebrating Sweaty Betty’s 70 yr reign of taking the right fucking piss:

Who would have believed it? Who could have dreamt of the scenes of such unbridled joy, not just outside Buckingham Palace over this extraordinary Jubilee bank holiday, but up and down the country?

From the Union Jacks festooned across suburban streets, to the flags fluttering from poles on village greens and hanging from countless lamp posts, the outpouring of affection has surprised even the most ardent of royalists.

Not even that most familiar of curmudgeons, the British weather, could dampen the spirit and wonder of four spectacular summer days.

Who would have believed it” indeed?

Certainly not me and to my mind; if the upper middle-classes in the posh Essex suburbs were having none of it, then you fucking know damned well that the vast majority of working class people weren’t having it either.

Here, have a couple of photos taken at the Spivey anti-jubilee bash, which we re-branded ‘Lovely-Jublee‘:

L-R: My Brothers, Michael & John Spivey, our longtime friend ‘Nod’ and little old me

L-R: Michael Spivey, my Nephew Jake Spivey, my son-in-law Tom Abbot and Me on the tea

Now, the thing about those two photos is the fact that they are not photoshopped… Unlike the vast majority of the not-so royal family photos that appeared in the news over the weekend… Yet you have to ask yourself; “why the fuck would the press need to use fake photos”?

And for some fucking reason or other, the vast majority of those photos that did appear over the course of the 4 day celebrations were of minor royals such as Prickcess Meaty Beatie Big And Bouncy & her sister Prickcess Eugenics… Indeed, the National Press have been plugging the gruesome twosome for some months now along with Prick Ed the Ball, his wife Sophie and their weird looking daughter, Lady Lou.

Likewise, the Queer’s grandaughter, Zara Philips & her posh, former Rugby player husband, Mike Tindall have been shoved down our necks of late, along with their three “adorable” children… Although for some reason or other all royal youngsters are deemed as “adorable” by the sycophantic press.

Now, quite why there has been a vast increase in favourable reporting on these minor royals is anyone’s guess, but I kinda suspect that the press has been ordered to do so in a PR campaign on behalf of the Palace in an effort to try and keep the House of Windsor’s rapidly sinking ship afloat.

Take this farticle about the the Gruesome Twosome for instance:

Now first off, we all know that the real reason Princess Andrew wasn’t seen at the celebrations had fuck all to do with him supposedly having the Kung Flu…

I mean, despite the covert press campaign to portray the sex-pest as someone that the Queer heavily relies on in her old age and the Archbishop of Canterbury, shamelessly proclaiming that the horrible cunt is worthy of forgiveness, even those [very many] of us with notoriously short memories are not willing to let bygones be bygones at this moment in time.

Therefore, the last thing that this hugely dysfunctional family – who have clearly lost the respect of the nation – needs right now is to anger the pissed off public even more by pushing the perverted mummy’s boy in our faces.

Nevertheless, as far as I can see, the main purpose of this farticle about Andrews daughters was in order for the Chimp to sell imitations of the dresses and accessories that Meaty Beatie Big And Bouncy & Eugenics were wearing at Friday’s “thanksgiving service” held at St Pauls Cathedral… Although the only ones who should be thankful for Liz’s 70 year reign were the posh cunts invited to the bash.

Indeed, there is big money to be made for the Chimp and vendors in farticles such as this.

And like I say, ALL of the photos in this pointless farticle were photoshopped.

For instance, in the above photo Meaty Beattie & Eugenics were meant to be seen here arriving at St Paul’s Cathedral, yet that is not the pavement at which they arrived. You see, all arriving guests were dropped off right in front of the steps leading up to the cathedral… Therefore, why & when the gruesome twosome went for a wander-about is anyone’s guess, because all other photos have the sisters getting out of a silver people carrier and heading straight up the steps!

In fact it looks to me as if their bodies have been photoshopped onto a random background because no cunt walks like Eugenics is and Meaty Beatie looks as if she is climbing a flight of steps in shoes that have different length heels.

Moreover, if you look at the far right background behind Meaty Beatie (circled in red), it makes no sense whatsoever… You see, it appears to be the back end of the silver people carrier that they supposedly arrived in with their husbands (who are nowhere to be seen in the photo), yet that begs the question as to where the fuck did did that row of brick paviers come from and why is the motor now facing the wrong way?

I mean. compare the next two photos below with the one above:


Completely different flag stones although once again Meaty Beatie is walking like she is pissed! And let’s just ignore the concrete steps inside the motor, which I have red arrowed for you!!!

Hmmm, moving swiftly on to the next bit of photo-trickery:

And in this one we see a blatantly fake background (top circle) and who the fuck does that shoe belong to (bottom circle)?

Moreover – and as I mentioned earlier – the silver people carrier is facing in the opposite direction to the one that they have tried to photoshop out of that first image of the ‘sisters’ in no man’s land.

However, just to clarify, there is only a yard or so from the drop off zone to the steps up to St Paul’s so once again, how the fuck does that coincide with the first photo?

Now take a look at this next photo:

And as you can see in this one… Which is in all honesty, very badly photoshopped indeed (note the sparse leafy background for future reference along with where I have circled the fake background in red, on the far left of the image) because Eugenic’s husband, Jack is on the wrong side of what must be a handrail for midgets and he is certainly not holding his wife’s hand – as the photo is trying to trick us into believing.

However, most laughingly of all is the fact that Eugenics and Meaty Beatie are walking up the steps sideways… Are they Crabs or summat?

In fact if you zoom in, you will see that Meaty Beaties feet are the wrong way round… Or put another way, her right foot appears to be on her left leg & vice-versa.

And if the steps are that narrow that you have to walk up them sideways then Meaty Beatie’s husband is about to kick her in the heel (red circled) and quite where she is going to put her extra long leg when she makes her next step, is anyone’s fucking guess!

Want some more?

Of course you fucking do:

Now, in this photo we see that Eugenics is negotiating the highest step in the world (note the fake background behind her shoe), whilst her husband has now leapfrogged the former midget hand rail and is holding his wife’s mutant arm & deformed hand (arrowed).

Moreover, you will note that there is a very tall fuzzy fellow wearing white gloves (also arrowed) between the red tunic mush and Eugenics husband, but his fucking legs have disappeared!

PHOTO: Close up of Eugenics deformed arm and mutant hand.

Nuff said about that image.

But there are more… A lot more in fact:

And in the above photo, we see where Meaty Beatie’s heel has once again been blatantly photoshopped.

Moreover, this photo trickery extended to Harry & Meghan who also featured in the gruesome twosome farticle… Now I say that because I do not believe that the pair were over here at all, being as they only attended the one event after flying all the way over from California – which was the St Paul’s bash… I mean why not attend all four events and spend some time with Granny Liz?

After all, the Presstitutes are always harping on about what a devoted Nan the Queer is… Which in reality is total, total bollox.

Course, I think that I have more than proved that Meg does not really exist which is the main reason that the official story-line saw the couple fucking off to America in the first place – much less work for the scriptwriters and actors to do if the ‘couple’ are on the other side of the Atlantic don’t cha know?

Yet obviously, if Meghan doesn’t really exist, then neither do her children – which I wrote about HERE – hence there are no children for Sweaty Betty to dote over.

Nevertheless, take the following photo for example:

Now I have drawn a red line through the image where I believe that two photos have been photoshopped together. Furthermore, you have to ask yourself why Harry is pointing with his MASSIVE finger, supposedly at the row he is meant to be sitting in (Row 2), when the fella in red is also supposedly pointing out where they are to be sat?

Is he a bit simple or summat?

Yet when you look at the photo Harry, Smeg and the usher appear to be standing a ways back from the 2nd row and as I say, Ginger Pubes has had that massive finger added on which actually appears to be pointing at fuck all:

You also need to ask yourself why Harry & Meg – who are still senior royals – have been seated in the 2nd row along with the rest of the no-marks, while the likes of Uncle Eddie and his unimportant family, along with the Duke & Duchess of Gloucester were seated in front of them.

Is it maybe because it is easier to photoshop Prick Ginger-Pubes & Smeg into the 2nd row rather than the front row?

Yet the photo-technicians didn’t really manage to convincingly pull that off either.

I mean there appears to be plenty of leg room in the place with the seat rows more akin to a school assembly than a posh bash, like this was supposed to be (see photo below):

In fact I am not at all sure what is going on here.

I mean we see Prick Charles of Buggerlugs in this photo, who is sat in the opposite aisle across the way. However, the image makes no sense when you follow the line back to Meaty Beatie Big And Bouncy – who is sat on a chair painted into the image (circled in red). And I am at a definite loss to understand what the fuck is going on behind her head (also included in the red circle)

Neither am I sure what is going on below Harry’s fake looking hand (also circled in red).

But like I say, they haven’t made a very good job of Harry & Megs photoshopping at all because Harry is supposedly 6ft 1ins tall whereas Prickcess Eugenics is only a little over 5ft 4ins in height!

And with that being the case; how the fuck do you explain the following photo and its weird, nonsensical background?


I mean despite the 9 inch difference, Harry & Eugenics appear to be the same height in the bollox snappy snap – and they do not even appear to be sitting down, which even if they were would still show a marked difference in height!

And as a comparison, I suggest you take a look at the photo below:

But it don’t end there… It never fucking does.

You see, looking at the above photo you have to ask yourself what has happened to Eugenics legs? Why has her husband got Harry’s legs? Why has Harry got Meghans legs? And why has he got tiny, tiny little hands compared to Meg’s moosive goalkeeper mits? (also see photo below)

And why the fuck is Harry wearing a wedding suit?

Shall I continue? Of course I fucking shall.

Now, remember the gormless looking Harry & Made-Up-Meg are seated 5th & 6th in row 2, yet look at the people behind them and explain to me how the mush in the purple tie and the fuzzy faced fella behind him are on the end of their rows?

And then look at Meg conveniently hidden – for ease of photoshopping – behind the bird in fronts hat. Does that look like Meg (see cropped photo below)? She also appears to be sat in front of Harry despite them both being sat upright!

Moreover, the old birds hat makes no sense whatsoever and is extremely see through:

Now, does that look like Smeg to you?

Moreover – as you will see in the photo below – the old birds hat brim don’t look all that transparent to me:

Yet once again, Smeg appears to be stood in front of Harry-O.

Moreover, if you look to the top left of the image, where I have circled in red, you will see that the fuzzy fellas across the aisle appear to be facing the wrong way – sideways on in fact.

Oh, and let’s not forget the steps that lead to nowhere and the bizarre cuff of Harry’s jacket seen in the image below:

Where the fuck are the steps leading to? I mean when you get to the top you smack your face on a concrete pillar!

Still its nice to see that Harry’s hands have returned to the normal size.

And as I final piece of evidence to back my claims, check out the following image of the couple entering the cathedral:

Remember, if all was above board then there would be no need what-so-fucking-ever to fake the photos.

Course, apparently Eugenic’s & Meaty Beattie Big And Bouncy were not the only minor royals to receive far more attention & headlines than their status warranted.

You see, Zara Phillips – Princess Ann of Horse-Faces daughter – and her husband Mike Tindall also got in on the act:

And once again, in this pointless farticle there is more blatant – very lucrative – advertising going on:

I mean, Zara & Eugenics look fuck all like Orange & Pink Starbursts in this totally pointless image… Well I say ‘totally pointless’ but how many Zombies would have rushed out to buy a pack of Starburst after seeing the old fanny – And no, I am not referring to Zara.

Course, while the pair of Hooray Henrietta’s may not look like chewy sweets, they do however look like a couple of drag queens.

Scary or what?

And it is also worth pointing out that Zara is an inch taller than Eugenics at 5ft 5ins, yet our Mrs Tindall is quite a bit taller than Meghan in the photos below… Which is strange because Meg is 5ft 8ins tall as a general rule, except when she is stood next to her aherm, aherm husband, at which point she shrinks to around 5ft 4ins – see my article HERE

Yet these height anomalies never seem to matter to the press… And Smeg is not really holding Harry’s hand in the above photo either – well not unless he has had 3 fingers amputated.

And apart from the blatant advertising, the only other point to the pointless farticle about the Tindalls was to further promote the gruesome twosome (Eugenics & her sister MBBB) and to also try and reinforce the lie that Harry & Smeg were in attendance at St Paul’s… Which the press obviously did by using more faked photos like the one below:

And since Meaty Beatie Big And Bouncy is only 5ft 3ins tall, her husband Jack Brooksbank must also be a proper short-arsed cunt if the above photo is anything to go by… Cept Our Jack is listed as being 5ft 10ins tall!

However, we shall ignore the male soldier in the red tunic, wearing a white skirt over his lady legs, in that photo because I haven’t quite got my head around that yet… So moving on swiftly we shall take a look at the faked Harry & Smeg images used in the Tindall farticle:

And in this one we see the pair climbing the steps in a most peculiar fashion… That is to say, in the same crab-like fashion as the gruesome twosome.

Moreover, Harry’s right ankle with his foot flat on the step (or is it his left ankle, it is a bit hard to tell in these fake images) must surely be dislocated and does in no way match up with his body.

Yet strangely, you will notice that in this photo, Harry’s previously seen midget hands have now morphed into absolute fucking whoppers!


And in this photo we see a very tall Harry & Smeg being shown to their seats by the very short-arsed usher, who is curiously much taller in other images that we have seen!


Now, as is always the case when the brown-nosing press are trying to whip up support for the evil Windsors, they inevitably release a few farticles about Princess Diana.

Course, these farticles are always sentimental crap or just plain proper old bollox… In fact the following farticle from the Chimp – released on the same day as the St Paul’s bash – was so silly, it had me giggling like a girl:

Wanna see this “lookalike” who has people screaming at her?

Of course you fucking do:

Stop laughing because this shite is what passes for national journalism in this day and age… And that ain’t no joke.

I mean c’mon, despite the tarts best attempt to emulate Diana, no cunt could be mad enough to stop her in the street and comment, let alone fucking scream.

Course, Diana was the Monsters first attempt at creating a fake person for the royal family and so successful was the endevour that they have since repeated the process with both Kate Golddigger-Smiff and Meghan Markle.

And like Kate & Meg, Diana was played by more than one person – the first being India Jane Birley, daughter of Annabelle Goldsmith and half sister of Zac Goldsmith & Jemima Khan:

PHOTO: India Birley with her mother Annabelle Goldsmith (close friend of the Queen and heavily involved in the Lord Lucan fraud) along with India’s half brothers & sister, Zac & Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Khan.

Now, interestingly enough Diana was supposedly the illegitimate daughter of the now deceased billionaire, James Goldsmith which would have made her half-sister to Zac, Ben & Jemima, but I believe that old fanny was started to legitimize Diana as being a real person.

Moreover, the MP Zac Goldsmith is married to a Rothschild as was his brother Ben.

PHOTO: Comparison of India Birley & Princess Diana

India was later replaced by a succession of birds – the last being Ondine Rothschild who played the role on the night ‘Diana’ fake died.

Furthermore, Diana’s distinctive voice heard in speeches and interviews was provided by Rosa Monckton of the Monckton spy family via voice cloning technology… Indeed, I recommend you get a hold of footage of Rosa (who was supposedly a good friend of Dianas) talking and you can’t fail to recognize her voice as that of Diana’s.

But let’s get back to Ondine Rothschild. You see, there was one major problem with her playing the role of the 36 yr old Diana and that was the fact that Paris based Ondine was only 18 yrs old at the time – which is why she continually had her hand shielding her face or looking away from the cameras.

I mean, the corrupt press would have you believe that she was shielding her face from the Paparazzi on the night in question, but Diana had been photographed millions of times over the years so that excuse is just nonsensical and total bollox.

And neither does the excuse that Diana did not want to be photographed with Dodi Fayed wash, because in the week leading up to her death she had been snapped dozens of times frolicking & canoodling with the multi millionaire son of Mohammed Al Fayed… All of which I have proved in the past as being photoshopped.

Therefore, the idea that the Paps were risking life & limb on their motorbikes in order to get a photos of the couple, once again just doesn’t make sense since there wouldn’t have been that much money to be made by that time.

PHOTO: Diana was keen not to show her face as she left the hotel to disguise the fact that she was played by 18 yr old Onedine Rothschild… The press were complicit in this subterfuge by taking photos in Technicrap.

However, Onedine was not always able to escape the press cameras earlier on in the day, when there were Paparazzi about who were not in on the fraud… In fact it was only the 7 paps who were in the tunnel that night who were in on the plot.

And those photos are telling because Onedine Rothschild is not identical to the other actresses who had previously played the role:

Indeed, Onedine is probably wearing a Di style wig which makes her look older.

PHOTO: Onedine Rothschild cannot disguise her amusement whilst sat in the wrecked Mercedes.

And of course, that photo bears no resemblance whatsoever to the only other available snappy snap, supposedly taken after the crash:

Mind you, you would drive yourself crazy trying to figure that photo out but needless to say, it is fake as fuck since all reports clearly state that Diana hardly had any blood on her at all – with the damage all being internal.

Yet after the fake crash it is possible to pick out the 4 car occupants (well maybe 3) roaming around the crime scene with all manner of other Tom, Dick & Harry’s

I am of course joking about Dodi… Probably.

Nevertheless, without wishing to go into too much detail of things that I have proved to be false about the official narrative leading up to and including Diana’s death, there has been some telling information about the night she died, recently released by the National Archives under the 25 year rule:

Now this is interesting because paragraph 4 is in total contradiction to the official narrative. You see Dodi & Diana, along with MI6 operative, Henri Paul & bodyguard, Trevor Rhys Jones left the Ritz via the rear entrance of the hotel – a supposed ruse to dodge the press which I have previously written about in great detail, because the bollox plan made no sense whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the official narrative has it that there were only around half a dozen Paparazzi waiting at the rear entrance to the Ritz with no “onlookers” milling around.

I mean, quite why the fuck there were so many paps and onlookers still stood around outside the FRONT of the hotel at 12:30 AM makes no fucking sense, since you would have thought that having arrived back at the Ritz hours earlier and taking a suite, it would have been reasonable to assume that Dodi & Diana intended to spend the night there.

Moreover, their “getaway” car did not fail to start. In fact the official narrative has it that Diana and Co were already making their way downstairs when the decision to use the Mercedes was made – hence we see {faked} CCTV footage of the party stood waiting at the back door for the car to arrive.

However, despite there being a registered chauffeur available to drive that night, the nonsensical decision to let Henri Paul drive had already been taken – hence the registered chauffeur driver drove the Mercedes from the underground car park – located at the front of the hotel – to the rear entrance located on the Rue Cambon, whereupon the driver exited the vehicle to make way for Henri Paul to drive… Although inexplicably there are only photos of Henri Paul getting into the car and none of the driver getting out.

Now, you have to question why this document written the following day after the ‘crash’ – contradicting the official version – got the details so wrong. And why the fuck has this letter – hidden amongst a load of trivial old fanny to do with the commissioning of the Diana Memorial Monument – only just been released after 25 years?

And, if you think – like I do – that the above letter is pretty damning to the official version of events, this next letter to the then Prime Mincer, Tony Blair is even more so… You also need to bear in mind, that the perverted Blair did not necessarily know that the accident was faked, being as the less people who were in on the fraud, the better.

This would also make the shock expressed by the likes of Blair on the 31st of August 1997, appear more genuine than if he had to fake it.

You see, once again in paragraph 1 we see the story confirming that the first car failed to start, which I stress was never the case in the official narrative. The death car was in fact owned by Etoile Limousines – who worked exclusively for the Ritz Hotel (Mohamed Al Fayed) and being so late at night was the only motor available apart from the Merc that the couple had used throughout the day which was now being employed as the decoy car.

The 2nd paragraph in regard to Trevor Rhys Jones (also alleged to be an MI6 Asset) is once again in stark contradiction to the official narrative which led us to believe that Rhys-Jones was so badly injured, that he was not expected to survive. And once again, I have written in great detail about the bodyguards injuries and concluded that Rhys-Jones had the scarring around his eye long before the 31st of August 1997.

As for Paragraph 3, well that is just total and utter bullshit since it defies logic that Nick Matthews did not know that Henri Paul was driving the car by the time he sent this letter to the Prime Mincer… After all, one of the first people to be spoken to would have been the other bodyguard Kieran ‘Kes’ Wingfield who traveled in the decoy motor and was well aware that Henri Paul was going to drive Dodi & Diana.

Paragraph 4 is also total fantasy since even the press knew that Dodi and Diana had arrived in Paris by plane at lunchtime on the 30th of August 1997… Indeed, the press were supposedly at the airport in their dozens to photograph the couple.

Moreover, the official narrative has the French Authorities down as offering to provide protection for Diana, but the offer was turned down because the Al Fayeds wanted to use their own bodyguards.

So once again, it is no surprise that these two documents have been kept secret up until now. Likewise, it is also no surprise that the narrative changed so sharply in the following day or two after the crash… After all, as I pointed out in my last article about the fake Texas shooting, the narrative always changes dramatically in the first few days of these Government sponsered play acts… One hundred percent of the time without exception.

Just sayin’.