May 25, 2024

The West Side Story Goes South

Christopher Spivey

It has been 25 years since the alleged mass murderer, Fred West supposedly hung himself in his prison cell… But did he? I mean, did he really?

You see, as most of my regular readers will already know, I truly believe that the Fred & Rose West story is total bollox.

Or put another way, just another psyop in a long line of psyops that include amongst others: The Rillington Place Murders and those of Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.

And of course, like all psyops, the press have to play their part by keeping the fairy-tales alive long after the events happened… Which brings me back to Fred & Rose.

You see, 25 years after Fred dropped dead, the national press have bought up the latest installment to the old bollox with the death of Fred & Rose’s son, Barry West.

And it truly is old bollox right from the offset:

Oh dear, oh dear.

Now I should tell you that I have read nearly every book written about the Wests along with countless newspaper reports, yet this is the first time that I have ever read about anyone being a witness to the killing of Heather West.

PHOTO: Heather West

I mean it is a matter of public record that before his alleged suicide, Fred made many police statements detailing how he killed his daughter, Heather on his lonesome. And whilst the accounts of how he did it vary, never once did he say that his wife, Rose – or anyone else for that matter – was there when he did so.

Furthermore, Rose has always denied being present when Fred murdered their daughter, yet some 33 years after the fact, we are now meant to believe that young Barry witnessed the act!

Fuck off witcha… The old bollox begins thus:

The tormented youngest son of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West has been found dead from a suspected overdose.

Barry West, 40, was just seven when he watched his parents beat his sister Heather to death at their Cromwell Street home in Gloucester.

Taken into care five years later, he was too scared to give evidence at his mother’s 1995 trial and was plagued by nightmares and psychiatric problems his entire life. 

Too scared to give evidence“, do me a fucking favour. I mean, by the time his mother came to court, Barry would have been approaching 16 yrs old – not 12 yrs old as the farticle tries to imply.

And by then, Heather had been dead at least 8 years, so it is not as if the murder had just taken place. Moreover, Barry would have been away from Fred and Rose for 5 years by the time that the case came to trial.

Yet we are now supposed to believe that the prosecution let the MOST IMPORTANT witness to the case against Rose West off the hook because he was too fucking scared to give evidence!

I mean, Barry could have given evidence by video link but instead the prosecution failed to so much as include a written witness statement from him at the trial.

The old bollox then continues:

Barry’s bedroom had been in the soundproofed cellar at 25 Cromwell Street, and, as the only other son apart from older brother Stephen, he had been close to his father.

In an interview in 2002, Barry gave a harrowing account of life inside the House of Horrors and recalled a June night in 1987 when 16-year-old Heather came home late to face the wrath of his parents.

Now I cannot find a single shred of evidence to suggest that “harrowing account” even exists outside the tiny minds of the presstitutes who write this old shite, but you would have thought that with that kind of information, Barry would have done the same as his older brother and sisters and written a fucking book.

I mean, his half sister, Anne Marie and his full sister and brother, Mae & Stephen all wrote books and did very fucking nicely out of them without having witnessed a single murder.

Indeed, had Barry done so, he might not have died penniless in a hostel for the homeless.

PHOTO: The only image that the press are able to drag up of Barry… How convenient. The image is very photoshopped. Check out the mouth and hair – now why would they do that?

Indeed, that photo of Barry looks to be a composite of photographs of Heather and Mae.

Mind you, it doesn’t say much for our care system that Baz ended up a homeless drug addict does it? I mean, Anne-Marie, Mae & Stephen were not taken into care yet none of them ended up as penniless, drug addicts, proving beyond all doubt what I say; that children are always better off with their parents than being taken into care.

Alright, that last sentence was a bit tongue in cheek, but you know what I mean. And there is no denying that the three older siblings have made a nice living out of their stories… Although Heather didn’t fair so well.

Nevertheless, what follows is Barry’s account of the killing of his sister, Heather:

‘It was about 3am when I heard Heather coming in,’ he said. ‘I heard my dad shouting, ‘Where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you.’

Wait! I thought that the aherm, aherm Journalist who wrote this old bollox had just stated that Barry slept in a “soundproof basement“:

Barry’s bedroom had been in the soundproofed cellar at 25 Cromwell Street

So how the fuck did he hear Heather come in at 3 AM?

In fact, how the fuck did the 7 year old know that it was 3 AM?

‘I heard my mum slap her, then I looked through the crack and saw my dad walk round behind her and put his leg out. Then he grabbed her neck and tripped her over.

And here the fantasy breaks down even more. I mean, how did Barry know who slapped Heather? That revelation is then followed by Barry looking “through the crack

I mean; what fucking “crack”?

Terrible, terrible journalism, but I think we are meant to assume that despite being terrified of his parents, Barry got out of bed and climbed the cellar steps to peak through a crack in the door… Mind you, he must have had superman fucking vision since Heather was killed in the kitchen at the back of the house, beyond the living room, whilst the basement door was located in the hallway near the middle of the house.

But why let the truth get in the way of a good story? The old fanny then continues:

‘She went on to the floor. I could see her just a few feet away. Then my mum just booted her.

You tell it like it is Baz:

‘She was kicking and kicking her and calling her a slag. My dad still had her by the throat.

And quite amazingly, Bold-As-Baz was the only one of the West’s children to witness this spectacle.

Nevertheless, the old bollox does not end there:

‘Then, when he tried to get her to do things to him, she refused. I think that’s why she ended up dead.’

Bingo! I mean there had to be a sexual element introduced in order to make the old bollox more believable… What happened then Baz:

After 15 minutes, Rose ‘rubbed her hands together’ and said: ‘Right, let’s clear this up.’

Right” said Rose, as opposed to Right Said Fred… Sorry, carry the fuck on Baz:

Barry said: ‘I could hear my dad wrapping her in some plastic and I could see my mum scrubbing the floor with a bucket and brush. 

‘There was some white bubbly stuff which must have been soap.

‘Mum was telling him to hurry up and he asked her to help him, but she said, ‘I can’t. I’ve got to get rid of this before the kids get up.’ ‘ Source

What a brave little 7 yr old he was, and of course that old bollox will now become truth to add to the myth… Because Myth is what it is.

You see, no matter how hard it is for people to believe, the fact is the Fred & Rose tale is as fake as the one about Ian & Myra.

Course, like all good yarns the story and players are totally believable… That is until you put them under intense scrutiny and then the script quickly falls apart. I mean, these fairy tales of bodies being buried under the floorboards or stuffed in cupboards just do not hold water.

After all, the smell from a rotting body is unbearable and corpses tend to explode when left untreated:

Death Chill: Immediately after the heart stops beating, the body rapidly cools down until it reaches room temperature. This is known as Algor Mortis.

Rigor Mortis: Without the heart pumping, blood coagulates in the veins, arteries and capillaries, causing the entire body to stiffen. Rigor mortis sets in around two to six hours after death. Decomposition: For a few days after death, some cells (such as skin cells) are still alive. Because of this, the live bacteria starts to break down and putrefy the body.

Colour: First the body turns green, then purple, and then eventually black.

Smell: The putrefying body gives off a sulphurous gas with a horrific smell, similar to rotten eggs.

Bloating: This gas also builds up inside the body, causing the corpse to expand, the eyes to be pushed out of their sockets and forces the tongue out of the mouth.

Blistering: A week after death, the body’s skin will blister so much that the slightest touch will cause it to fall off.

And finally: A month after death a corpse’s hair and nails will fall out, and the organs will liquefy. The body then swells until it bursts open, leaving nothing but the skeleton behind. Source

Indeed, although rare it was not unheard of for bodies buried in coffins back in the day to even explode right out of the ground – a phenomenon known as Exploding-Casket-Syndrome.

Yet people blindly buy into the old bollox about 10 Rillington Place and other ‘house of horror‘ stories, hook line and sinker, which would have us believe that bodies galore are just shoved under floorboards or pushed in cupboards for years at a time.

I mean c’mon, are these serial killers really that silly?

And of course, Charmaine West – step daughter of Fred West – was supposedly murdered by Rose and her untreated body was just put under the kitchen floor until Fred got around to disposing of it under an extension several months later… Yet if true then the smell must have been horrific!

Nevertheless, as I said earlier, you have to wonder why Barry didn’t write a book about his experiences. I mean his sister Mae was still writing books about the old bollox back in 2018 – which was of course also hyped by the Chimp.

Mind you, I did question at the time what Mae had to add to her story since she had already written a book with her ‘brother’ Stephen some ten years earlier:

I mean why didn’t she tell the full story at the time instead of having to invent new details in 2018?

And of course, that book is just one of many, many written by the West family, investigative reporters and the police officers involved… Had Mae’s memory improved over the last 24 years or summat?

Nevertheless, the Chimp farticle about the revised old bollox began thus:

There aren’t many support groups for the children of serial killers. ‘There are a limited number of us about,’ Mae West observes wryly.

True, in fact our Baz might have still been alive if there was… Although I do not believe that Baz ever existed.

However, there are many support groups for victims of child sexual abuse so I am not exactly sure of what point is being made there. Moreover, Mae was born in 1972 making her 22 years old when Fred was arrested. So if things were that bad, why the fuck was she still living at home at the time?

Indeed, eldest daughter, Anne-Marie only moved out when she got married!

Carry on:

Mae is a pretty woman. Composed in demeanour, softly spoken, articulate, likeable and with a quiet line in ironic humour, she speaks powerfully on behalf of the tiny but forgotten minority to which she belongs.

Now, I have to say that despite Mae being described as a “pretty woman”, she appears to have become very camera shy since there is not a single, recent photo of her in adulthood to be found in the long article… Something that cannot be said for her when she released her first book and the decade that followed after, since she and her brother gave many a TV interview at the time.

PHOTO: Stephen & Mae West

Course, as far as I am concerned, Mae looks far, far too much like the mother of murdered schoolgirl April Jones to be a coincidence:

April Jones – May June West (May being the original spelling of her name)… April May June… Geddit… Everything has to connect.

And with that in mind, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the April Jones murder connects to the Madeleine McCann psyop.

PHOTO: Kate McCann & Coral Jones

You see, Madeleine’s cousin, Fiona McCann looks far too much like April Jones for my liking:

Nevertheless, the Chimp farticle on Mae West’s latest book continues thus:

You would never guess from her life today — a stable marriage, two children, a comfortable, modern home in a smart enclave of a historic English town — the depths of horror and depravity that scarred her childhood.

See? She fared much better that Big Baz:

‘Sometimes I think when the criminals are sorted out, people overlook their families,’ she says. ‘I often see cases in the news and wonder: “What happened to the children?”

‘My mum is in prison for life. She’s been convicted of the murders of a child and nine young women — one of them my older sister, Heather — and, in a sense, she’s protected.

And here we have yet another anomaly. You see, 25 Cromwell St where as many as a dozen women were murdered is not as big a house as you would think.

I mean it was a three story building with a basement but it was only narrow.

Moreover, being an old place it would not be particularly well soundproofed – despite what the Monkey-Kuntz would have you believe.

PHOTO: The basement… Where is the sound proofing? Certainly not on the walls and ceiling.

However, the Monkey Cunts have to contradict themselves on the soundproofing bollox because the basement is supposedly the place where they tortured and murdered their victims… Therefore, the press had to claim the cellar was soundproofed in order to explain away how these women were tortured and raped for up to a week at a time before being murdered, without any of their 8 children or the 3 – 4 lodgers also living there at a time, hearing anything.

I mean, course it may have been possible but surely the chances of discovery were far too great to take the risk?

Nevertheless, in her book Mae continues to talk about Mummy Dearest:

‘Sometimes I feel: “It’s all right for her.” She’s had counselling, she’s done a degree in English; every course she’s been offered she’s said “yes” to. She has a full life: hobbies, gym, sewing, cookery. She lives in a bubble.

‘But what about us, her children? There’s no place for us to be ourselves.

‘I worry about people knowing or discovering who I am. And I have all these anxieties about my son finding out about his grandparents.

So let’s get this straight; to stop people finding out who she is, she writes a book telling everyone who she is… Roger that.

‘My daughter is grown up now and she knows and has dealt with it. She discovered her uncle’s credit card has the name West on it, put two and two together and Googled it. I wish she hadn’t found out that way.

I presume that Mae is referring to Uncle Stephen, not Uncle Baz since she hasn’t had fuck all to say about her younger brothers death.

Yet it is just more total, total bollox… I mean why would Mae have her brother’s credit card laying about… After all, I would disown my brother if he was a convicted nonce – as Stephen West allegedly is.

Indeed, you would think that Mae would be very wary of ‘uncles’ since she alleges in her latest book that hers raped her when she was 5 years old, although that rape is also a new detail, which isn’t in the book that she wrote with Stephen.

Still, it kinda makes you wonder why Uncle Rapist wasn’t put on trial for it, unless of course Mae – like her brother Baz – was too scared to testify in court.

Nevertheless, we are supposed to believe that Mae’s daughter finds Uncle Nonce’s credit card which carries one of the most common surnames in the country and immediately concludes that she is the granddaughter of Fred & Rose. And then, just to double check, she goes on the internet and low & behold finds untold photos of Mother Mae – who doesn’t want to be recognized – giving press interviews… Roger that too.

‘And my son’s coming up to nine years old and . . .’ she sighs heavily, ‘all the old fears are surfacing again. My strategy is to leave it. I won’t tell him now. I want him to have a childhood that isn’t marred.

And to ensure that his childhood isn’t marred, Mae writes a second book… Fuck me, she only needs to write another one after that and she will be on a par with Christine Keeler who wrote a book claiming to be ‘the truth’…; And then a second claiming to be ‘the whole truth’… Before writing her third claiming to be ‘the real truth’… The Profumo Affair was also another Psyop. (see HERE)

Photo: Ian Brady posing as Steven Ward – pimp to Christine Keeler

Yet none of those three Keeler books are the truth and neither was this new book of Mae’s. Indeed, like the Baz bollox it was just another money making scheme to keep Fred & Rose in the public’s minds.

Carry on:

‘It’s always a problem being part of the West family. I know I can’t work with children, and it’s about self-protection as much as anything, because if something happened to a child in my care — if they fell and hurt themselves — I’d be blamed because of my background.

‘I thought about escaping my past once and going to Australia, but they wouldn’t let me into the country because of what my parents did. And to think they used to deport convicts there from Britain!’ She rolls her eyes and laughs bleakly.

‘Once, my husband applied to be a policeman. But he couldn’t get in, and I’m sure it’s because he’s married to me.

‘We feel stigmatised, of course we do. We were overlooked by the authorities while our parents abused us sexually and physically as kids, and now as adults they say: “You’re from an abusive family. We’ll have to keep an eye on you.” ’

The crimes of Mae’s parents, Fred and Rosemary West, were so heinous they appalled and transfixed the world.

In 1994, police searched the family home in a rough street in Gloucester, looking for the remains of the Wests’ eldest child, Heather.

A warren of a house from which Rose worked as a prostitute, 25 Cromwell Street had been sub-divided into rented bedsits by Fred. It became known as the House of Horrors after police excavations unearthed a series of dismembered female bodies in the basement and under the patio.

Among the remains were those of Heather, strangled seven years earlier in 1987 when, aged 16, she had tried to run away from home to avoid Fred’s predatory sexual advances.

Over the course of the previous 14 years, Fred, it emerged, had committed at least a dozen more murders — the majority with Rose, his second wife.

The Cromwell Street victims — some teenagers; all female — were lodgers, nannies, students, hitch-hikers, runaways. They were subjected to brutal sexual assaults by Fred, and sometimes Rose as well. Some were mutilated; many were decapitated.

Rose and Fred had eight children during their marriage — of whom Mae, 46, is the eldest surviving daughter. None of them had an inkling that their home held such gory secrets until their parents were arrested and charged after the bodies had been exhumed.

Errr, Bold-As-Baz knew that his parents had murdered his sister Heather, so that isn’t true… Which the Monkey Kuntz should have known since Barry allegedly talked about what he saw in 2002 – although, as I say, I can find no record of Big Baz ever speaking out.

Carry on ya lying fuckers:

Fred, it also came to light, had committed at least two further murders alone, while Rose was responsible for killing Fred’s stepdaughter Charmaine from his first marriage to Rena, who was also one of Fred’s early victims.

Fred admitted to this monstrous catalogue of crimes, claiming he’d acted alone. He committed suicide on January 1, 1995, in his cell at Birmingham Prison, where he was being held on remand.

Rose has consistently professed her innocence, but the jury at her trial in November that year did not believe her. Convicted of ten murders, she was sentenced to life imprisonment with a later order from the Home Secretary that she should never be released. Source

Now funnily enough, Fred West and Moors Murder ‘victim’, Keith Bennett were the same person when they were children.

PHOTO: Keith Bennett and Fred West… Look at their ears, they are exactly the same.

Course, it follows that they would be the same person because everything has to connect in the world of the Satanic elite.

And I wrote about Fred & Rose’s true identities in my article How The West Was Won Part 2“:

Nevertheless, to recap, I can tell you that Rose West and Linda Gilroy, the camera shy former Labour Party MP for ‘Plymouth Sutton’ from 1997 until her defeat at the 2010 general election are definitely the same person.

Gilroy – born in 1949 – is supposedly 4 years older than West who was born in 1953… However, Gilroy is also Cherie Blair – who was born 10 months after West in 1954.

Which would be why Tony Blair keeps trying to snog Gilroy:

PHOTO: Tony Blair kissing Linda Gilroy

Just sayin’. Not that Cherie minds who she snogs either:

Nevertheless, let’s go compare Cherie & Linda shall we?

Of course we fucking shall:

Now let me tell you, I could go on seemingly endlessly showing you comparisons of Blair & Gilroy but as far as I am concerned, the one above is sufficient and as such, if you ain’t convinced then go have a look for yourselves.

Course, in turn that makes Cherie Blossom-Pie the serial killer Rosemary West.

Yes it fucking does Cherie Blair and you know it too so don’t roll ya fuckin’ eyes.

Shall we have a look?

Yes we shall:

And so, to my mind Cherie Blair is without a doubt 100% Rose West… In fact she even posed for a photo with ‘Husband’ Fred, who is in reality DOCTOR David Drew, the MP for stroud, having first been elected to Parliament in 1997 – the same year as Linda Gilroy as chance would have it.

PHOTO: Dr David Drew AKA Fred West posing with Cherie Blair

PHOTO: Fred West compared with David Drew… Note the ears and the gap in the teeth are the same.

PHOTO: Drew photo overlaid onto West photo… Notice how all the features match up.

And the coincidences don’t stop there, You see, before becoming an MP, Drew had been a Councillor for Gloucestershire County Council, having been born in the County, as was Fred West as chance would once again have it.

And if that isn’t evidence staring you straight in the face then I am fucked if I know what is! I mean David Drew, MP from Gloucestershire posing for a photo with Cherie Blair and both looking exactly like Fred & Rose West from errrr… Gloucestershire.

Or is that just a coincidence?

And funnily enough I wrote an article around 6 years ago in which Nancy Drew had been mentioned and I commented on his photo at the time about how much he looked like Fred West… Course, I was a lot more Naive back then despite the truth staring me in the face.

Just sayin’.