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Unsure of whom to trust, Sam, (Jude Law), desperately tries to regain control and flee the island.

The Third Day

Christopher Spivey

For various reasons which I won’t go into I have found myself watching rather a lot of TV of late… It really does numb ya fucking brain, don’t cha know.

Anyway, one of the things that I have just watched is a sinister drama series called “The Third Day” starring Jude Law as a fella named Sam.

“Sam is drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast. There he discovers an idyllic world from which he finds himself unable to leave. Isolated from the mainland, the rituals of the island begin”Source

And to be honest, the TV show is pretty shite but what is interesting is the fact that the island in question is Osea Island in Essex… Which is only around 25 miles from where I live.

It also has to be said that the series is very much like the film; “The Wicker Man“, in so much as the residents of Osea Island are portrayed as kinda like a community of inbreds all in on a pagan worshiping conspiracy – led by one powerful man… Which to be honest may not be that far from the truth.

However, unlike in the film; The Wicker Man“, the protagonist in “The Third Day” (Jude Law) is not lured to the island as a sacrifice; he is unwittingly lured to the Island to take over as the boss.

And it has to be said that in reality there have been some weird goings on taking place on the island for hundreds of years, especially amongst the rich and famous.

The following is taken from a 2013 Chimp Farticle on the strange place:

The secret island where the A-list go to drink, strip off and party all night… and you’ll NEVER guess where it is!


PUBLISHED: 00:30, 7 September 2013 | UPDATED: 11:47, 7 September 2013

Dancing frenetically by the swimming pool, with a glass of chilled rosé sloshing precariously in her hand and the afternoon sunshine glinting off her designer sunglasses, was the fast-living actress and socialite Jaime Winstone.

A few yards away stood Ronnie Wood’s art-dealer son Tyrone, playing up for the camera with a bottle clenched between his lips, a silver medallion nestling on his hairy chest, and his arm round the rock musician Robbie Furze.

In a nearby field, which boasted sweeping views of the sea, upper-crust supermodels Lady Mary Charteris — Furze’s wife — and Poppy Delevingne tapped their feet to dance music, knocked back beers and took occasional shoulder-rides from inebriated young men... Continue Reading

Yet despite its close proximity to me along with its notorious going-ons, I had never even heard of the fucking place until 6 years ago.

My bad!

Still, apparently Osea Island:

has been occupied for about 5,000 years. There are remains of Neolithic villages and later evidence of Viking burial grounds from the famous Battle of Maldon.

The Roman’s built the mile long causeway to Osea, where they farmed salt and built a pottery •••

With the departure of the Romans, the island passed through the hands of many powerful and titled families through to Tudor times. One of those families was the Rothschild’s.

In 1903 Osea was purchased by Frederick Charrington, one of the last Victorian philanthropists. •••

He was from the Mile End Brewery family and created a temperance retreat, where addicts could find help – in an attempt to offset the evils of alcohol

In 1917 the island became the S.S. Osea – the ship that never sails •••
Requisitioned by the admiralty for use as a top-secret naval base during WWI
So secret was its mission legend has it that people on the mainland had no idea of its existence until after the war, despite having over 1000 sailors billeted there.

After the war Cambridge University took ownership of Osea. It was declared a site of special scientific interest because of its unique ecology, rare plants, birds and marine life.

Osea Island has a long and curious on-off relationship with fame and with the recuperation from its ravages”.


And according to the Dabbler.Co.Uk:

These days Osea island is owned by a record producer, who has turned his new fiefdom into a chi chi holiday resort cum production studio for rich rock stars, but at the turn of the century it was the home of a colony of artists and philosophers. The Manor House at the centre of island has always been a retreat for people looking to escape the pressures of mainland life, especially those suffering addictions – including it is rumoured Walter Sickert, and Amy Winehouse. 

Now interestingly enough and possibly relevant, Amy Winehouse’s death is not as straight forward as we are led to believe according to her neighbours and others who knew her. Click HERE

Nevertheless, Winehouse was treated at the islands £10,000 per week Alcohol & Drug rehabilitation centre in 2008.

The Centre had opened in 2004 and was the worlds first and only island retreat dedicated to addiction and mental health problems.

Neither was Amy Winehouse the only one to top herself following a stay on the island.

You see, the “Retreat” once again came in for more criticism after Sarah Mulvey, a high-flying Channel 4 executive was found dead at her home:

Sarah Mulvey overdosed in her north London flat after being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder related to the ‘extreme pressures’ of her job and a grievance procedure at work.

Miss Mulvey had stayed at Causeway Retreat, a rehabilitation centre on Osea Island in Essex, in May 2009, after being signed off from work with stress in May 2009.

The £10,000-a-week Causeway, whose former patients also include singer Amy Winehouse, has since been shut down after it was discovered to be operating as an unlicensed hospital.

But she left the following September because she struggled to cope with the methods being used to treat her... Source

Now before the “Retreat” opened in 2004, the island had a small community of tenants such as the painter Luke Elwes, author Rodrick Kalberer, photographer Helene Binet & Den Phillips, architect Raoul Bunschoten and philosopher David Papineau.

Nevertheless, the privately run hospital on the island was set up by a man called Brendan Quinn with the help of Osea Islands owner Nigel Frieda.

Notoriously camera shy Nigel Frieda is a well known record producer who owns the aptly named Matrix Recording Studios.

Frieda, who in the past has been mentor to giants such as ‘The Rolling Stones’,  is the brains behind the all female pop group, The Sugerbabes and the brother of Hair product tycoon John Frieda – the ex husband of singer Lulu.

Nigel Frieda is in turn, the ex husband of Swedish born ex model and junkie Leonie Frieda

Leoni – from a long line of Swedish Aristocrats – was friends with the ex Bullingdon boy paedophile, Gottfried Von Bismark.

The following is from the Evening Standard:

She has since seen “so many” friends suffer from drugs, including the German aristocrat Gottfried von Bismarck, whose dead body she discovered in 2007. Read More

Leonie is now married to the WBanker, Sir David Davies and is a long time friend of the Royal ponces.

Mind you. quite how an ex junkie model, turned translator & part time journalist became friends with Royalty is anyone’s guess.  

Nevertheless, she is and the following is taken from the Daily Mail to prove it:

There’s curtseying…and then there’s curtseying.

And Prince and Princess Michael of Kent received a pair of seriously impressive bent-knee salutations from author Leonie Frieda at a launch party to celebrate the writer’s new historical book.

The royal pair looked most amused as Ms Frieda – who is close friends with the couple – crouched as low as her indigo satin strapless dress would allow as she greeted them at Kensington Palace in London last night... Source

PHOTO: Leonie Frieda crouches low as she curtseys for Prince Michael of Kent at the launch party for her new book, The Deadly Sisterhood, at Kensington Palace.

Righty-O! Is it just me, or does that photo look as if the Queen’s cousin, Prince Mick and Leoni Frieda are sharing an ‘in joke’?

After all, you will notice – once you have read the sourced Daily Mail article – that it is a completely different curtsy to the one she gave to Princess Mick.

Moreover, the father of Princess Michael of Kent (Sounds like a tranny doesn’t she), was Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, who just so happened to be a member of the Nazi party and an honorary member of the SS.

And slightly diverting away from the main topic, but relevant none the less, Princess Michael, who is obviously married to the Queen’s Cousin, Prince Michael of Kent was caught out shagging a toy-boy in 2006.

Course, having his wife publicly identified as shagging about obviously pissed Prince Mick off and everyone knows, cept my good self of course, that you shouldn’t upset a Freemason. Especially not the highest wanking Freemason in the country, which is apparently who Prince Micky-Boy is. He is also the Grandson of the name changing, half German  King George V and the full German, Queen Mary, don’t cha know… And he also looks a lot like my mate Terry who lives in Cyprus – although that has fuck all to do with anything.

Having said that, any inference you draw from the following is strictly down to your own over active imaginations. You see, Princess Mick’s toyboy, Mikhail Kravchenko, who shared a 4 day break in a Venice hotel with Mick’s slapper wife, met a very sticky end when he was machine gunned to death while sat in his Mercedes. Not that he was the only one whom the Royal family had the hump with, to die in a Mercedes… Allegedly

But anyway, an actress named Marina Golub who was a close friend of  Mikhail Kravchenko started asking questions about his death and after getting too near to the truth, she was apparently warned off. Whether or not she took any notice of the warnings is unknown, but she did claim to have uncovered startling new details about the murder. However, before she could reveal what she knew she too was killed in a ‘car crash’… Just saying.

Never let it be said that I let a chance to have a dig at the royal ponces pass me by.

However, in doing so, I am drifting away from the main topic, namely Osea Island.

Now, this is where things get dark.

You see, this addiction centre owned by Brendon Quinn’s holding company – listed as Twenty 7 Management – on the island owned by Nigel Frieda came under police investigation and was subsequently closed by the Care Quality Commission in April 2009… Source

Criminal proceedings against Twenty 7 Management then commenced the following year:

On 19 November 2010 Brendan Quinn’s Twenty 7 Management, which had run the Causeway Retreat, pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Magistrate’s Court, and was fined £8,000 plus £30,000 costs for running an unlicensed hospital. District Judge David Cooper said the firm’s standards “would really shame a third world country”. Source – Wikipedia

Dorothy King was one of those who appeared for the prosecution. This is what she later wrote:

A lot of people have been in touch about The Causeway Retreat, the phoney rehab of the ‘stars’ that was closed down. Strangely quite a number of us were told by the Care Quality Commission that we were the only former patients complaining. More patients got in touch with them once The Mirror and The Independent covered the closure of the fake hospital.

I’ve also been told that one of the reasons it took so long to close down The Causeway Retreat and try to prosecute them is that the CQC had huge problems trying to work out who owned and ran the place. Apparently they had several lawyers working on the issue, trying to sort through the labyrinth of companies all with the same address – an address Nigel Frieda (DOB 19.08.1952) also uses for a large number of holding companies unrelated to Brendan Quinn (DOB 17.03.1975).

The CQC decided to proceed against Twenty 7 Management Ltd, wholly owned by Brendan Quinn and his wife Lisa Cross (DOB 19.10.1970), having identified them as those running The Causeway Retreat. And so on the 19th November Twenty 7 Management were found guilty at Chelmsford Magistrate’s Court. Until that point I’d never heard Cross’s name mentioned in connection with The Causeway Retreat. Source

Dorothy King claims that when she booked into the clinic, she wasn’t aware that the Island was owned by Nigel Frirda and was apparently not thrilled to learn the news.

The following  is what she says about the record producer:

We had many friends in common, and so I wasn’t thrilled when I arrived and heard he owned the island. Anyway, he seemed like a sweet man, as I’ve said all along, and couldn’t have been nicer. Yes, I have heard the rumours about him and female patients, but I just assume they are rumours – he was a perfect gentleman towards me. There were a lot of patients having sex at The Causeway Retreat but none, that I know of, with Frieda. We were told he was just the landowner and not to bother him. In fact Frieda repeatedly told me he didn’t believe in therapy, and that people should just get on with their lives. I was very concerned about The Causeway Retreat, and felt that even as the landlord Frieda should know what was going on, so like many others I told him, both verbally and in writing.

I was shocked to discover that Frieda co-owned The Causeway Retreat with Quinn, and not just the island, although in retrospect perhaps that should have been obvious.

However, Nigel Frieda appears to have escaped prosecution. Hmmm.

Following the closure of the retreat, Frieda – whose second wife also committed suicide – then turned the Island into a large camp-site for us minions up until 2012 when he changed the Osea into  a private resort for the rich and famous:

Our 2012 is kicking off in big style with the very exciting launch of Osea Island, in collaboration with Nigel Frieda. This privately owned island in the stunning Blackwater Estuary is a world you never knew existed, however we are now proud to introduce it to you all as the UK’s leading retreat for the music industry.

Osea Island of course makes the perfect ‘getaway’ for knob-ed celebs as it is quite inaccessible for most of the time.

You see, the only road leading onto the island is underwater most of the time… A fact that the makers of “The Third Day” capitalized on.

Indeed, if you have seen the 2012 film ‘The Woman in Black’ staring Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe you will know exactly what I mean – as will those who watched the 1989 TV adaptation – since the walk way to the island in that film and TV production is the walkway to Osea Island.

PHOTO: Daniel Radcliffe and the road onto Osea Island that is underwater most of the time

The island was also used for the filming of the second auditions on the ITV show ‘Superstar’  in early 2012 where it was known, somewhat appropriately, as ‘Superstar island’.

The auditions were held by Andrew Lloyd Webber – whom I firmly have my beady eye on – who was casting for a new lead role, in his production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Lloyd Webber’s judges for the auditions were Melanie Chisholm, Dawn French and Jason Donovan.

Nevertheless, it would appear that the walk way come road still made the island too accessible for Frieda’s liking, which he subsequently appears to have tried to block with tons of rubble:

AN investigation is underway after hundreds of tonnes of rubble were left in the path of boats near Osea Island.

Nigel Frieda, who owns the 400-acre island in the River Blackwater, near Heybridge Basin, said the huge piles of rocks on either side of the Stumble – a mile-long causeway providing road access from the mainland at low tide – were down to contractors acting on his behalf... Source

However, Osea island seems to have been a favoured haunt of the rich and famous long before Nigel Frieda owned the island.

In fact, Pete ‘the paedo‘ Townshend – Guitar player with the Who – even mentioned the Island in the music newspaper, ‘Melody Maker‘ way back in August 1970:

I’M BEGINNING my first page of this bulky Journal in particularly strange surroundings. On holiday I am, far away from the sounds of London’s traffic and Keith Moon on an island in the Blackwater estuary called Osea, or “Ozee” as the locals pronounce it. There are so few locals in fact that they could all be counted on one ordinary hand. Source

Townshend also talks about fellow nonce, Jimmy Savile and Tony Blackburn at the same source.

Course, the Island would not have been owned by Frieda back in 1970.

In fact, true ownership of Osea Island, like the ownership of the Island’s now closed addiction retreat is not that easy to find.

However, in 1970 the island appears to have been owned by two brothers named as being Michael and David Cole.

They in turn sold the Island in either 1971 or 1972 – The  purchaser being Cambridge University.

Quite why the famous university – known as a recruiting ground for MI5 & MI6 – should want to buy the island is beyond me.

In 1979  the Children’s Film Foundation film ‘Black Island’, produced by Kingsgate Films and directed by Ben Bolt, was also shot on and around the island.

Wikipedia has this to say about ‘Black Island’

This rare film is not on general release but can be obtained from collectors. The film is about two young castaways who get captured by escaped convicts on the island, and their subsequent escape attempts.

Now, to someone like myself who is naturally suspicious by nature and who is all too well aware of the elites agenda,  the story line to Black Island sounds as if it could have paedophile connotations. This fact could however be, just the working of my own suspicious imagination when it comes to anything to do with the elite.

I have not had time to find out whether or not Cambridge University still owned the Island when the film was made, but in either 1979 or 1980 the Island was sold back to David Cole and his wife Hilary.

Unfortunately, David Cole is a common name and neither have I had time as yet to ascertained which particular fella of that name is the Islands owner.

However, I suspect that the David and Hilary Cole pictured in an article found by clicking HERE could be the likely candidates. You will get an inkling as to why this forms the basis of my suspicions, by the company that they keep and the event that they are photographed at.

Of course, I could be mistaken.

Nevertheless, in August 2000, the Independent Newspaper carried an interview with Hilary Cole in regard to her and her husband re-purchasing Osea in which she divulges a bit of the islands history :

The Coles have bought the island twice. David and his brother Michael became owners in the early 1960s, paying £70,000. The family held on to it for 10 years, then David and Hilary moved to Devon and Osea was bought by Cambridge University. When, eight years later, they heard it was up for sale again, they made an offer. While now ready to “downsize”, their love affair with Osea is far from over.

“It’s secluded, nobody can get at you for eight hours out of every 12,” says Mrs Cole. “I think it’d be very good for somebody wanting privacy. There’s absolutely no sound and it’s completely private. You can swim at high tide, sail and water-ski.”

The charms of the island are immediately apparent. Rabbits abound, as do butterflies and birds, including every type of British owl. Several thousand dark-bellied Brent geese make a pit-stop here each year.

Osea has been inhabited for at least 5,000 years. There is evidence of Neolithic villages. The Romans built the causeway, a salt works and a pottery. After the Conquest it became the property of William the Conqueror’s nephew, and later passed to the Earls of Essex, Sussex, Gloucester and March.

In about 1900 the island was bought by the brewer Frederick Charrington, who tried to set up a temperance mission there. “He’d been walking through the East End of London, and stopped outside a pub where a woman was crouching with her child saying: ‘Give me a penny, I’m starving and my child’s starving’,” says Mrs Cole. “And he looked up and saw the words ‘Charrington Ales’. The woman’s husband was inside drinking the money away and he thought, ‘this is terrible’. He gave up drink then and thought he’d run a temperance house.

“But the Maldon fishermen used to come to buy their stores at a little shop in the island’s village, and they’d bring drink and hide it under the hedges. We still find lots of gin bottles with little round marbles in them.”

The island was taken over by the Navy in 1918, and became HMS Osea. During the Second World War it was used for the construction of torpedo boats. “Nobody knew it was here, in fact nobody knows it’s here now really,” says Mrs Cole.

Except, of course, the island’s 20-odd tenants, mostly professionals from London, all on yearly shorthold leases. About three live on the island permanently and the rest use the island for weekends and holidays. Annual income from the accommodation is around £135,000, plus a subsidy of £25,000 a year for 200 acres of land registered under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s Habitat Scheme.

Clive Hopkins of estate agents Knight Frank says interest in Osea is high because of its uniqueness and location. “It’s very rare for something like this to come on the market. It’s almost unique to find a private island off the English coast, both accessible and secluded. It will appeal to sailors, birdwatchers, artists, photographers and authors through to City business people.”Read More

The Charringtons are of course one of the elite Satanic families and are quite essential to the plot of “The Third Day“.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this piece, Osea Island, which is nigh on my own doorstep, was up until 6 years ago unknown to me and what alerted me to the place was that Chimp farticle, which describes Osea Island as The secret island where the A-list go to drink, strip off and party all night.

And I would very much imagine that another way to put that headline would be: The secret Island where the elites go to hold orgies and worship Satan.

Just sayin’.