July 14, 2024

The State Of Play

Christopher Spivey

Once again we find ourselves on the brink of WW3 – or at least we do if you read & believe the MSM… Which unfortunately just so happens to be the majority of people living in in any 1st world cuntry (no typo) these days.

Course, if you think about it logically – something most people are incapable of doing – the East and the West are never really going to fight it out; in what would inevitably lead to Armageddon. After all, whichever side was fairing badly would eventually be forced to release their nuclear arsenal, which in turn would then lead to the opposition retaliating with theirs – and that then would be the end of the world as we know it.

But relax, that is never going to happen because what the monster elite love even more than money is themselves. In other words, they are never ever going to give up their luxury life styles and power to live underground in a bunker (no matter how luxurious), for the rest of their lives.

Therefore it is a cast iron certainty that Russia will be allowed to rape the Ukraine for its natural resources (primarily Uranium) with the covert blessing of the UK & the USA – in the very same way that the latter were allowed to rape Afghanistan & Iran for their heroin and oil.

And of course, the puppet Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky who came to power in 2019 will also be in on the act. After all, in the Monster elite’s world of ‘You Couldn’t Make This Shit Up‘, the political novice, Zelensky was an ACTOR & COMEDIAN before deciding he wanted to become President. In fact the joker first rose to fame on TV by playing the Role of the Ukrainian President:

Mr Zelensky, a political novice, is best known for starring in a satirical television series Servant of the People, in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president.. Source

Course, Zelensky will have to ACT out his part by opposing the invasion in the same way that Bojo & Biden are pretending to be outraged… Not that Old Joe knows what fucking day of the week it is half the time.

Indeed, what most people cannot get their mushy pea brain’s around is that the nonces, Putin & Biden along with Bojo and Zelensky all belong to the same evil club and are only carrying out the orders of those who really rule the world:

President Putin is a paedophile with links to the Russian mafia and Colombian drug barons, who rose to power on the back of a deliberate bomb attack that killed hundreds of civilians, according to Alexander Litvinenko.

The allegations made by the former Russian spy were listed by the inquiry into Litvinenko’s death as “powerful motives” for the Kremlin and the Russian president to have wanted him silenced. Another factor was a belief that he was working for MI6... Source

Litvineko further claims that there are video recording in existence of Putin raping children which I do not doubt since I cover this topic in my book: The Filthy Rich.

Nevertheless, the MSM’s perceived threat of WW3 is enough to instill panic into the brainwashed public’s tiny minds. Which of course is always the mindset that the Monsters need in order to keep the pliable population down at heel… Especially now that the Covid fraud has come to an end albeit temporary since HIV is going to be the next big thing once the robotic public come to realise that the end of the world is not nigh.

You see, there are now many claims that the Covid vaccine can lead to HIV although this is of course being denied by the Government:

post on Facebook draws a link between high Covid-19 vaccination rates in the Netherlands and the discovery of a new, more virulent HIV variant in the country... Source

And trust me, that claim is not limited just to Facebook. Indeed, you have to ask yourself why a Leicester MP is now asking for mandatory HIV testing for those admitted to hospital:

City MP and former Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth is calling for Leicester Royal Infirmary patients arriving at the A&E department to be tested for HIV to help find undetected cases of the virus.

Mr Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, thinks patients going into hospital A&E departments should be tested routinely to make sure people with HIV know their status so that they can avoid passing it on to their sexual partners... Source

PHOTO: Jon Ashworth MP

Moreover, Prick Harry of Ginger Pubes is also getting in on the act:

Prince Harry has urged people to “know your status” and “go and get a test” for HIV.

See? “Know your status“, the exact same words as used by the cunt, Ashworth… Carry on:

And the Duke of Sussex said he wants to continue his mum’s “unfinished” work in removing the stigma around the virus.

His comments come as figures show that for the first time in 10 years, the number of new HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals is higher than for gay and bisexual men in England... Source

Mind you, I kinda hope that the threat of AIDS puts the fear of Dog into all those who were cunt enough to have taken the Covid jab; perhaps next time they will think twice before being so easily led… Although I very much doubt it.

Nevertheless, it has to be said that Harry is right to get himself tested if you buy into the myth that he is really married to Meghan Markle – an alleged former “Yacht Girl“… Yacht Girls are high class prostitutes who carry out all manner of depravity for billionaires on board their luxury ships.

However, if you are a bit more clued up and/or you have read my book: Meghan Markle Exposed, you will know that the Duchess of Sussex is nothing more than a succession of actresses playing the role. And as such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that I have now uncovered even more naked footage of ‘Meghan’ – to go along with those compromising nude photos that I published in my aforementioned book.

Now before anyone claims that the above photos are fake, I should tell you that those stills are taken from a video.

And while I am on the subject of various actors playing the part of the [not so] Royal family, I betcha didn’t notice that the Queer of England – giving her Christmas day speech – was another impostor.

I mean, since when has Bizzy Lizzie had a broken bottom front tooth and such massive bosoms?

Course, if you think that broken tooth is just a glitch in the footage, all you need do is watch the video for yourself on Youtube… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless let us return to this phony “war”, which is anything but a war – despite the MSM’s attempt to convince us otherwise. And in order to do so the propaganda wing of the government have been applying their usual tactic of using stock photos of past events to convince us that all hell is breaking loose in the Ukraine:

Mind you, the silly cow cannot decide where she wants her dirty bandages:

Now why would they need to use fakery if the “war” is really as brutal as we are told?

However, more cringe-worthy still is the lengths that the shit-rags are going to in an effort to convince us that we need to be supportive of the “heroic” Ukrainian civilian population – who are apparently joining up in their droves to fight… Despite most of them being grandparents:

Although being old is not just the only advantage since it appears that being old and a multi-millionaire celebrity to boot will get you fast tracked to the front line without having to undergo the intense, arduous – often brutal – one day basic training.

Indeed, despite being scared to fucking death it is no wonder that Facebook users in their millions are now being brave enough to use the Ukrainian flag – to show solidarity – in their profile pictures… No doubt a great fucking comfort to those Ukrainians living in fear and in which, no way reeks of “Look at me“.

And let’s not forget the brave journalist risking their lives in order to bring us this fake news:

Now, just to protect myself, in order for the quick publication of this article, I have to tell you that I have taken the above “journalist” photo at face value and not looked into its authenticity… But the ones above it are definitely genuine.

Sadly, you may not be too surprised to learn that the psyop-invasion has also given the Q-tards an opportunity to come out of hiding… You see (and I am trying very hard not to giggle like a girl here), these totally brain-dead cretins are claiming that the gay, kiddie-fiddler Putin is a good guy and with the backing of the incestuous, kiddie-fiddling Donny Trump, he has invaded the Ukraine for the sole reason of taking down the “deep state”… Dog give me fucking strength!

This dangerous government sponsored sect, elaborate further by claiming that Putin’s real aim is to destroy US deep-state military instillation’s and put a stop to the Biden headed money laundering scam.

Course, I kinda doubt that old Joe even knows what money is these days, let alone launder it but the following is taken from the website: Media Matters for America:

Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory and other far-right figures cheered the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling it a step toward destroying the so-called “cabal.”

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine and Russian troops invaded the country. In response, multiple QAnon figures thanked Putin and cheered the Russian attack, writing that the invasion was “a proper, and NECESSARY deep cleaning of Cabal operations and military assets” and meant that “the Cabal will be exposed in Ukraine and it will be one of the last pieces of the Plan.”

Ahhh, the ever changing “Plan” is back in action I see… Sorry, just ignore me and carry on the Media Matters for America:

QAnon supporters also claimed that Putin was simply invading a new world order “stronghold” and “destroying the money laundering operation” and Ukraine’s “deep state government,” thus “removing the [deep state] players.” They also claimed that the U.S. politicians criticizing the invasion are “deep state playersSource

And in order to add further credence to their insane claim, Q-tards everywhere are posting maps purporting to show where Putin’s bombs have landed which they further claim – as coincidence would have it – are the exact same locations of American bio-labs:

Course, the fact that America does not have any bio labs in the Ukraine appears to not matter whatsoever to these idiots.

Nevertheless, as I say this psyop “war” will certainly not escalate into WW3 (nuclear war) because it would not benefit the Monsters who rule the world. Moreover, the East & West are now so inextricably linked in business and joint enterprises worth billions upon billions that the very idea of Russia and/or China going to war with the UK and/or the USA is just ludicrous… Remember, it is all about the money.

And talking of which, this psyop is certainly going to make for a smashing pay day for many a crooked charity… In fact the Red Cross are very quickly off the mark:

Course, if we were really on the brink of WW3 all Putin need do to stop it is cut off the gas and oil supply to the West and we would be begging for peace within a month – despite what the MSM would have you believe… So stop being such scaredy- cats.

Which just leaves me to figure out why the Monkey-Kuntz at the Mail have stopped calling the Ukraine capital city; KIEV, in favour of now referring to it exclusively as KYIV.

I mean, by way of example you will see in the screenshots below that up until a few days ago the Monkey Boyz referred to the city as being Kiev, yet after the 24th the daft cunts continually call the place Kyiv:

Oh wait… I do know why the name change and trust me, you are going to fucking love this:

Who the fuck writes this shit? Certainly no one brave enough to put their name to the pathetic farticle that is for sure.

Mind you, I can just imagine an army of Karens marching into Tesco and demanding to see the manager… Comedy fucking gold.

Just sayin’.