June 13, 2024

Thank Me Later.

I doubt that there are many of you reading this who do not know about the trouble that Richard D Hall (Rich Planet TV) has found himself in lately.

Nevertheless, for those of you who don’t, it seems that Richard (pictured in the header photo) has landed himself in hot water over his claims that the Manchester Arena bombing was a psyop and that no one was actually hurt in the fake event… Which I have to say, I am more or less in general agreement with.

However, had Richard just presented his evidence and simply expressed his opinion on his website then he might have been okay… But he didn’t. You see, Richard took it upon himself to try and confront one of the alleged ‘victims’ in order to prove that she, nor anyone else was actually hurt in the drama:

Lisa Bridgett was chatting on her mobile while waiting to pick up her daughter from an Ariana Grande concert when a shrapnel-packed bomb exploded. ‘It was a large blast from the left-hand side,’ she recalls. ‘Everything was so quick, but everything was in slow motion.’

The blast at 10.31pm on May 22, 2017, broke her right ankle, severed the middle finger on her left hand and inflicted lacerations to her legs and face. The phone, held to her ear, prevented even more serious injury, diverting a steel bolt packed inside the bomb.

Despite her horrific injuries and multiple operations, Mrs Bridgett knows she is one of the ‘lucky ones’.

‘That event has changed everything,’ 50-year-old Mrs Bridgett has observed. ‘I think about it every day. It doesn’t go away and I don’t think it ever will.

‘I can never ever understand or come to terms with what happened. My life will never be the same, and neither will my family’s.’

In other words, she is an innocent individual whose future was ripped apart by a moment of sheer evil.

Who could possibly want to do anything other than offer her support, sympathy and understanding, and help alleviate her suffering?

Step forward Richard D. Hall, a man whose attempts to make a name — and money — out of Mrs Bridgett’s predicament, and that of others caught up in the bomb, are almost impossible to comprehend.

The 55-year-old son of a chicken farmer, Hall does not believe the Manchester bombing took place. He believes it is all a deep-state plot and that many who claimed to have been injured were simply ‘crisis actors’ playing a scripted role.

But the full extent of Hall’s activities only emerged this week after a Panorama documentary revealed how he had tracked down survivors such as Mrs Bridgett in a bid to show they were lying about their injuries… Source

And that is where Richard came unstuck and as far as I am concerned he should have known better.

I mean, fuck me! He is not a novice and has been doing this job long enough to know that contacting the ‘victims’ – even on social media, let alone in person – is a definite no, no.

Indeed, by doing so he played right into the arms of those in authority who are looking to shut us down… Even more so when you consider the fact that Alex Jones has just been done in America for nigh on the very same thing in regard to the Sandy Hook psyop:

Course, Alex Jones was one hundred percent correct when he branded the verdict a “joke” because he is without doubt controlled opposition and as such, was fully complicit in the prosecution scam.

Mind you, if batting for the other side gives you a Billion Dollar set up I suppose there is some justification for him being a turncoat. And on this side of the pond, I don’t suppose David Icke is feeling the pinch too much either… Just sayin’.

Now, I am going to be totally honest with you at this point in proceedings and tell you that I do not totally trust Richard D Hall either, and haven’t done so for a long time.

However, without going into any detail about why I have my suspicions I will say that Richard – as far as I am aware – was always very dismissive of me whenever my name was brought up as well as being totally indifferent to the situation that I found myself in back in 2014 when I too had the national press & TV tar me with the same brush that is now being used on him.

And like I say, knowing how the press went after me and coming on the heels of the Alex Jones fake Crucifixion, Richard should have known better than to play so directly into the arms of the Establishment.

Nevertheless, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that Richard simply does not like me… Which is fair enough I suppose since I am the first to acknowledge that I am not everyone’s cup of fucking tea.

And with that being the case, I am now going to forward you some information which would be of great benefit to Richard should he be unfortunate enough to find himself up in court.

Now, as I stated earlier, I am in agreement with Richard that the Manchester bomb was a faked event. However, whilst I did cover the matter in an article on my old website, I did not do so in great detail… Unlike the 2017 Westminster bridge attack on Parliament which I dissected bit by bit in three very long articles and – even if I do say so myself – proved beyond all reasonable doubt that ‘cop-killer’, terrapin Khalid Masood’s exploits were nothing more than a stage managed production on behalf of the British government.

Course, the fact that the psyop was so poorly put together made it easy for me to do so. I mean, for starters the following is how the spy controlled Telegraph newspaper described the opening to the events:

Terrorist Adrian Ajao reached speeds of 76 miles per hour as he drove across Westminster Bridge ploughing into pedestrians, police now believe.

Ajao, who changed his name to Khalid Masood, killed three people and injured more than 50 others on the bridge before he crashed his car and stabbed a policeman to death.

After entering the bridge from the southside, Ajao mounted the pavement accelerating to speeds in excess of the legal limit allowed on motorways,wreaking carnage as he went. Source

Now, the information on how fast Khalid Masood was travelling across Westminster Bridge (76 MPH) was provided to the press by the Metropolitan Police… Which was their first fuck up.

I mean, had Mad Masood really been travelling at 76 MPH then of course 3 dead pedestrians and 50 injured would not have been far fetched, yet even ignoring the volume of traffic on the bridge at the same time as Masood did his thing, it was still a piece of piss to catch the top-brass coppers out in their lie… Even after the Met had realised their fuck up and amended Mad Masood’s speed.

That is to say that not even the bollox publishing Sun Newspaper (hence forth referred to as the Scum) was wearing the Metroplod’s claim that the Terrapin was travelling across the bridge at anywhere near speeds of up to 76 MPH, and instead attributed his speed to being 50 MPH on average.

Nevertheless, the Scum have still stuck by the Metroplod’s official timeline of 82 seconds – start to finish timeline of the drama – allocating 30 seconds of those to the bridge crossing.

Likewise, the aforementioned Spy owned Telegraph Newspaper amended the Metroplod’s 76 MPH to an average 40 MPH, whilst also allowing a 30 seconds for the bridge crossing:

It was just after 2.40pm that Ajao, in the grey Hyundai Tucson 4×4, appeared on the eastern approach to the bridge, two large kitchen knives by his side. He mounted the pavement, reaching more than 40mph, and would take 30 seconds to cross the 250-yard span of the bridge. Source

Mind you, the Shit-Rag is also actually wrong about the bridge span being “250 yards” (228.6 Meters) long, since it is actually 252 Meters long – albeit Wikipedia has the length down at 250 METERS… Which is probably where the lazy-arsed ‘journalist’ got his information from in the first place whilst at the same time confusing ‘yards‘ with ‘meters‘.

But still – in order to be fair to our national press, for the next point that I am going to make – we will take Wiki’s 250 Meter guess as our benchmark, thus only making the Telegraph 70 ft out in their estimation.

Mind you, I must point out first that with the Met having Masood (named after the EastEnder’s postman so as the brain-drained public will remember him) doing 76 MPH across the bridge, the Scum having him doing 50 MPH and the Telegraph now having him zooming at 40 MPH, I am not altogether sure how all three still managed to come up with an overall 82 second timeline for the entire drama, since the three differences in speed would affect the total overall time, but there ya go.

Nevertheless, for Masood to have cleared the crowded bridge in 30 seconds – knocking over at least 50 Serfs Smurfs and killing 3 others in the process, if ya buy into the official bollox – all three Bastions of the Truth must be miles (per-hour) out in their calculations… see what I did there?

Course, this would be a deliberate mistake on their part whilst desperately hoping that no cunt such as myself would investigate the matter, because the undeniable fact is to travel 820 feet (250 Meters) in 30 seconds, Mad Masood would have been roughly averaging a super-scary speed of 18 MPH… Nowhere near fast enough to kill anyone or cause serious damage to a person.

Indeed, I arrived at that 18 MPH figure based on [the approximate] converting of MPH (miles per hour) to FPS (feet per second), which is calculated by dividing the MPH by 2 and then multiplying by 3 Source.

Therefore 18 (MPH) ÷ 2 = 9, then multiplied by 3 = 27 (FPS). So, just to clarify for the thick-fucks amongst you: Someone travelling at 18 MPH will cover a distance of 27 feet every second.

And since – we are told –  it took Mad-Max 30 seconds to cross the bridge, we then times 30 by the 27 (FPS) which gives us a total of 810 feet (the bridge is 820 feet long according to Wikipedia and 827 feet long according to other sources), whereas 19 MPH would take the distance traveled over 30 seconds to 855 feet:

The new [Westminster] bridge that is still there today is 827 feet long, and built of iron. It has withstood everything the city has been able to throw at it, and shows few signs of aging. Source

Course, as I pointed out earlier; getting hit by a two tonne motor at 76 MPH is certain fucking death, whereas on the other hand, getting hit at 18 MPH by a two tonne motor is going to give you a nasty fucking bruise.

Fuck me, it’s no wonder that they chose the Westminster Bridge to stage the attack since it is also known as the Bridge of Fools:

The new bridge at Westminster wasn’t funded in the typical way (with private enterprise and tolls); instead, money was raised via a then-fashionable ‘lottery’.

Lotteries at the time were subject to abuse and fraud: some even saw them as being immoral, and a threat to society.

This lottery funding led Henry Fielding to dub the new crossing ‘The Bridge of Fools’. The name stuck as the bridge’s construction dragged on much longer than planned.

But all the same, because of the proven beyond doubt slow speed that Mad Masood was travelling at (not that he really crossed the bridge anyway) there is absolutely no way that the faked event could have happened as it was reported… And that was just the opening of the huge mass of information that I provided over the course of my 3 long articles proving that the event was a psyop involving the then Prime Mincer, the Right Honourable Horrible, Terry May, along with other prominent MP’s and our top coppers.

However, what the fuck has this got to do with Richard D Hall and the Manchester Arena bombing, I hear you ask… Which is fair enough I suppose.

Course, the answer to that question lies with a fella named ‘Travis Frain’ – ‘lies‘ being the operative word here… You see, all of the shit published about Richard D Hall in the national press was sparked by BBC 1’s current affairs program, ‘Panorama’ – which did a proper hatchet job on him.

And Travis Frain took part in that Panorama program specifically to condemn the likes of Richard and others who “Troll” the ‘survivors’ of terrorist attacks:

Travis Frain is a valued member of the National Emergencies Trust’s Survivors Advisory Forum which advises the charity on how best to support those affected by emergencies. He’s also the Founder of the Resilience in Unity project, which shares stories of those affected by terrorism to create better future outcomes.

PHOTO: Travis Frain

But what qualify’s Frain as an expert on the subject of online trolls?

And the answer to that is he was one of Mad Masood’s victims in the Westminster Bridge terror attack who supposedly also found himself the subject of death threats and online abuse:

Now read the following very carefully:

Travis Frain had just turned 19 and was on a university trip to London when he was caught up in the Westminster Bridge terror attack on 22 March 2017, in which five people tragically lost their lives and more than 50 were injured. Emergency funding after the attack enabled him to make a full physical recovery and restored his sense of independence. Travis tells his story.

It was the first full day of our course trip to London and we were visiting the Houses of Parliament. We were given half an hour of free time, so myself and the lads I was with decided to get some fresh air out on Westminster Bridge.

I was walking along the bridge texting a friend when one of the lads called out, “Travis, look out!” But by the time I looked up it was too late to react. A terrorist drove a 4 x 4 vehicle straight into us and I was knocked up over the bonnet into the air. I landed hard on the concrete and was really lucky that my head landed on my friend’s stomach. Every other part of the body that hit the ground was fractured.

OUCH! Although we shall ignore the fact that had Mad Masood really been knocking people down on the bridge he would have only been doing so at 18 MPH… But shhh. So tell us Mr Frain, what injuries did you suffer?

I broke my left leg and almost all of the bones in my hand. I also had a severe laceration on my leg that was bleeding badly. I was taken by ambulance to Kings Hospital, where I spent eight days having operations on my leg and my hand. I received excellent care during those eight days I was in hospital. But when I left, that care really dropped off. I went back up North and was pretty much left to my own devices.

Ohhh, so you broke your left leg and all the bones in your hand badly enough to require multiple operations did you? Carry on:

I had to leave my university accommodation and move back home so that my mum could assist in my recovery, and I spent the next five months on crutches and walking sticks learning to walk again. It was a humbling experience that put my whole life on pause. But I think that because I was so focused on my physical recovery, I didn’t suffer as badly from the psychological effects of the attacks as the other lads did. I didn’t have the headspace to run what had happened on that day over and over in my mind, like they did.

Fucking hell! That must have been a right nasty leg break if he spent 5 months on crutches and had to learn how to walk again:

It was clear I needed intense physio to recover from my injuries, but sadly the NHS was only able to offer me something called ‘non-contact’ physio. Essentially printed sheets showing different exercises I could do. Private physio would be the only way I could get the help I really needed, but it wasn’t cheap, and I didn’t have spare money like that... Source

PHOTO: Following the attack, Travis Frain received a visit from King Charles.

Did you clock that? Frain wants to become an MP… Oh my fucking days! Mind you, he certainly has the credentials to be an MP what with him being a treacherous, self-serving, lying cunt!

Course, it is hard to know whether or not Kink Charlie knew that Travis Frain was a fucking liar or not but I seriously suspect that to be the case since the then Prime Mincer and other MP’s knew him to be so.

Mind you, those serious injuries certainly multiplied in the days following the attack… I mean check this out:

HUH!!! A cracked rib and minor injuries to his arm!!!

And of course Frain’s mother would have known the extent of her son’s injuries by the time the Guardian newspaper got round to speaking to her, especially since she claims Travis rang her seconds after the attack to tell her – and I quote: “Mum I’m safe… I know you will be worrying“.

Yet why the fuck would she be worrying since she could not possibly have known that there had been a terrapin attack seconds after the event… Doesn’t make sense does it?

Mind you, Mummy soon changed her mind about his injuries:

Yet those injuries are still not as bad as Travis himself later describes them and it is good to see that his memory has since returned as he now appears to remember quite a lot about being run over!

However, in truth Travis Frain was not hurt at all in the Westminster Bridge attack… Indeed, nobody was, which is exactly what Richard D Hall claimed about the Manchester Arena bomb attack.

Course, once again I cannot say whether or not the producers of Panorama knew that Travis Frain was a fraud when he appeared on the show to condemn Richard D Hall, but I kinda suspect they did… It is however very ironic that the TV show was slagging off Richard for calling out fake victims by using a fake victim to get their point across, don’t cha think… Cunts.

Nevertheless, what now follows is rock solid proof that Frain is a lying cunt.

PHOTO: Travis Frain (red arrowed), having lost his shoe decides to have a sit down… Which you would, having a leg so badly broken that it needed multiple operations and left him on crutches 5 months after the fact.

PHOTO: Frain is now back on his feet… Quite amazing how he managed to get up with such a badly broken leg… Unless of course he is super hard. I mean I broke my leg and it was fucking agony despite me not needing surgery or having to learn how to walk again.
Oh and take no notice of his friend who I have also arrowed… But he too was a proven fraud.

PHOTO: Frain seems to be bending his mangled leg fine but if he had a badly lacerated foot would his sock not be covered in blood? And would the pain not have been so great that it would have been agony to have his foot firmly on the ground?

PHOTO: Nope, no blood at all on Frain’s sock planted firmly on the ground. Frain is pictured here with his lying cunt mates. And as you will see in one of the photos below, Frain is actually sitting crossed legged on the ground! Now that has got to hurt!

And let’s not forget that Travis attended the “Service of Hope” held on the 5th of April 2017… Exactly 2 weeks after the “attack”.

Which sort of begs the question as to why his leg isn’t in plaster and how did he get his shoe on his “badly lacerated foot”? I look forward to you suing me Travis me old mucker.

And I should also point out that the service was attended by Prick Willie & Prick Harry… Just sayin’

You can read my very long article on all the victims by clicking HERE In which I more than prove that nobody died and no one was hurt in the psyop… Thank me later Richard.

And that just leaves me to wish all of my loyal readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year… I fucking love you lot. Just sayin’… Again.