June 13, 2024

We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying Here.

If you have read my absolutely fucking brilliant last piece of work about the Queer & the very long list of paedo’s associated with her, you will know how disappointed I was to see so many of my Facebook ‘friends’ – who consider themselves to be on the ball – lamenting her death.

Indeed, in that article I pointed out that many of these supposedly clued-up cyberspace chums of mine were even blindly re-posting those bum-clenching-pathetic photos of Paddington Bear walking Sweaty Betty to heaven – without so much as even checking on their origin.

And that is why I took the time to point out that the bollox images – in all likelihood – originated from some clever-dick hack in the media… Or at the very least, the MSM were responsible for getting the ball rolling, hence the Satanic user name: @Del666111, on the photo above which appeared in The Chimp the day after Bizzy Lizzie snuffed it.

Course – and as I also pointed out – this bizarre Paddington old fanny all started because of the short video of the Queer taking afternoon tea with the teddy bear shown around the time of her summer jubilee.

However, since writing about it in that cracking article of mine, the following art print depicting Paddington as the grim reaper on the number 13, tarot death card, has come to light:

Course, this might be something or nothing as I have no idea when the drawing was done, but given the artists huge following; who is to say?

Nevertheless, I have in fact noticed a pattern opening up with these fully paid up members of “The Wide Awake Club” – or WAC’s for short, who were mourning the death of the Monarch.

And I should just point out that I am probably not implying anything by posting the above video… I just happen to fancy Dolores O’Riordan, that’s all… Before she kicked the bucket obviously.

But anyway, back to it and what I have noticed is that many of those mourning the loss of Betty are also the ones who follow the Qannon bollox and whole-heartedly believe that the ex-US President, Donny Fart is STILL going to be our saviour.

Moreover, many of them believe that the Cuntservative Party are all cunts – which of course they are obviously.

However, these Tory hating plant-pots also post on social media that everything will be okay because Truss & Co have pissed that many voters off that the Labour Party is bound to win the next General-Erection and then all will be betterer, etcbetterer, etcbetterer… People power and all that shite.

Mind you, I do agree that Labour are a sure-fire bet to win the next General-Erection… But only because the Monsters have engineered it that way by making the Tories so unpalatable that only the extremely rich would vote for them.

Course the general population are now far too brainwashed to realise their true power and of course absolutely fuck all will improve once the red-flag-fliers are elected.

So, let me lose quite a few more FB ‘friends’ by telling you that if you even only half believe that Donny Fart is a good guy (trust the ever-changing infantile plan), and you are not bright enough to have figured out yet that the Cuntservative Party & the Labour Party are one and the same; albeit both offering seemingly different, empty promises, on pointless policies to the plant-pot-electorate, in order to give them the illusion (or should that be ‘delusion’) of choice – then you ain’t got a fucking clue as to what is really going on in the world and do in fact need to stop peddling your delusional (or should that be ‘illusional’) bullshit to anyone half-witted enough to listen… Because you really, really are not helping.

Well, that is to say you are not helping the cause to liberate mankind, but you are in no small way helping the Monsters to bring about the eventual mass-culling of the human race, while plunging the survivors into slavery… And you better believe that they are going to achieve that goal barring a fucking miracle.

Course, at this late stage that miracle has now got to come about in the form of a revolution, which ain’t likely to happen because the plant-pots have long been brain-washed into submission while “The Wide Awake Club” are banking on Trump & the Labour Party to come to our rescue.

And I should just point out that I am probably not implying anything by posting the above video… I just happen to fancy John Lennon, that’s all… Before he kicked the bucket obviously.

Course, the members of the WAC who believe that the Nonce Trump is a good guy will seemingly never believe otherwise despite the huge amount of evidence to prove them wrong.

I mean he was best mates with Jeffery Epstein for two decades for fucks sake:

Epstein’s notorious “black book” of contacts, compiled largely by Ghislaine Maxwell, shows the rarefied circles in which he traveled—Nobel laureates, heads of states, British royals, Wall Street power brokers, and A-listers in every glamour profession. Trump had no fewer than 16 phone numbers beside his name in Epstein’s black book.

Trump later recalled Epstein in those days. “Terrific guy,” he famously told New York magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Asked under oath in a September 2016 deposition whether he ever socialized with Trump in the presence of girls under the age of 18, Epstein punted. Rather than answer the questions, he took the Fifth… Source

And of course, Ghislaine Maxwell has admitted to Epstein having incriminating videos of Trump. Yet if more proof were needed, then there is this:

One of the four women who say they were “groomed” for sex by Ghislaine Maxwell testified Wednesday that the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein took her to meet Donald Trump when she was just 14… Source

Yet these Trumptonites will dismiss all of the very many allegations of noncing, sexual assault and rape committed by the former president as being bollox before repeating Parrot like fashion that Trump distanced himself from Epstein when he found out that the billionaire financier raped little girls… Do me a fucking favour!

I mean, not only did it apparently take Trump nearly two decades of very close friendship to supposedly, finally find out about Epstein’s love of little girls, but it was not until after the nonces arrest in 2019 that Trump told reporters that he was “not a fan” of Jeff’s – despite that earlier claim of “He’s a lot of fun to be with“.

However, it is true that Trump & Epstein did have a serious falling out which left their 17 yr bromance in tatters… But it had fuck all to do with Trump finding out that Epstein was a nonce.

I mean, if Trump was really such a good guy and finally twigged that his former best mate was raping little girls, why did he not expose him back in 2004 when they had their handbags at dawn moment? After all, Trump was not one of Epstein’s young victims; too afraid to speak up for fear of not being believed.

Nevertheless, according to the press the reason that the two nonce rapists fell out had fuck all to do with sexual preferences and everything to do with greed and backstabbing:

But in 2004, after a friendship of roughly 17 years, Trump and Epstein had a serious falling-out when Epstein sought to buy a spectacular oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach called Maison de l’Amitié (“House of Friendship”) that was being sold out of a bankruptcy auction. The property, a nearly 62,000-square-foot neoclassical palace, had once been owned by Leslie Wexner, the billionaire retailer who was so close to Epstein.

Epstein had his heart set on the house, but he planned to make at least one major renovation project once he bought it: He wanted to relocate the swimming pool, and he brought Trump to the property to give him advice on how to do it.

But before the sale was finalized, Epstein was horrified to see that Trump, who was still underwater financially from his Atlantic City bankruptcies, outbid him with an offer of more than $41 million for the property. The purchase was financed by Deutsche Bank, which was already holding dubious loans for Trump.

Epstein was apoplectic and became even more enraged when Trump soon thereafter put the house up for sale for $125 million. Finally, Trump sold the house to Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev for a reported $96 million in 2008—never having lived there—and Epstein threatened to sue him. The two men never spoke again… Source

And although it is fair to say that the police started investigating Epstein in 2005, which some WAC’s claim was brought about by Trump; even if that were true then it would have been motivated by Trump wanting to get up Epstein’s rather large nose, and not out of concern surrounding the nonce’s child trafficking.

Mind you, even that far-fetched claim is in all likelihood just total bollox since Donny & Jeffy belong to the same sick paedo club. In fact Wikipedia state the following reason for the police investigation:

In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida, began investigating Epstein after a parent reported that he had sexually abused her 14-year-old daughter. Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008 by a Florida state court of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. He served almost 13 months in custody, but with extensive work release. He was convicted of only these two crimes as part of a controversial plea deal; federal officials had identified 36 girls, some as young as 14 years old, whom Epstein had allegedly sexually abuse.

And given the fact that Epstein only served a year for raping the child after the 3 yr police investigation, it is pretty safe to assume that Trump was not involved at all.

However, I am not going to say too much more about the kiddie-fiddling sex pest, ex-president because I have already documented much of the evidence in my articles; Qcumbers – they’re every fucking where, Trump – The President Who Keeps On Trumping, and Clear & President Danger… The latter of which documents how Trump feels about his own daughter:

Dirty Cunt.

And remember, Trump was recorded bragging that a celebrity like himself; “can do anything” to women, including “just start kissing them … I don’t even wait” and “grab ’em by the pussy”.

So much for the good guy then!

Moreover, Wikipedia has given over two very long pages in regards to allegations made against Trump. The first details a list of alleged sex crimes (found HERE). And amongst the crimes listed on the 2nd page (found HERE) are three allegations of Trump sexually assaulting and raping two 13 yr old girls and one who was only aged 12.

Interestingly enough, Jeffery Epstein was also alleged to have been present when those three attacks took place… The following is from Wikipedia:

Lawsuit by Katie Johnson which alleges that Trump and Jeffrey Epstein sexually and physically abused her under threats to physically harm her and her family while a 13-year-old minor from June–September 1994.

Lawsuit by Jane Doe which alleges Trump and Epstein engaged in forcible rape, imprisonment and assault while she was 13-year-old minor and another 12-year-old girl in 1994.

Course, each time one of these sexual assault allegations were aired, Trump publicly vowed to sue the women & newspapers involved – but predictably he never did and instead paid out millions of Dollars to make the allegations go away.

And I should just point out that I am probably not implying anything by posting the above video… It just happens that Ivor Biggun, that’s all… Still do since I ain’t kicked the bucket obviously.

Yet as I say, despite all the available evidence alleging towards Trump being a wholly corrupt rapist of women & children, you will not change the WAC’s & Qcumber’s tiny, tiny minds about him… I wonder what happened to all those children he supposedly liberated from the ‘tunnels’?

Moreover, many of those club members who were also lamenting the death of the Queer, seem to have totally forgotten that she had supposedly been executed on Donny Farts orders – as was our new Kink, Charlie the Turd:

PHOTO: The Q list of Donny Fart’s efforts to “drain the swamp

Course, in reality all American politicians are corrupt warped deviants who do not give a flying fuck for those who vote for them and it is exactly the same over here which is why – as I also said earlier – it don’t matter who you vote for because the object of any government, be it the Cuntservatives or Labour is to slowly but surely leave us irreversibly worse off than when they were elected.

And that is why things have steadily got worse over the last 50 years. I mean fuck me, they certainly do not keep even the most simple of their promises.

For instance, in his 2019 erection-manifesto the wholly corrupt, sex pest Boris Johnson vowed to scrap hospital car parking charges and rid our roads of potholes.

Now, you would think that neither of those two promises would be too hard to implement yet I don’t know about where you live but round here there are more dangerous pot holes in the roads than ever before.

Worse still, even when the council do get round to filling SOME of them in, the job is not done properly and within a 2-3 week period those potholes are back WORSE than before… Course, once upon a time road-tax was used to build and maintain our highways but that was quietly scrapped in 1937 when ROAD tax was switched to CAR tax.

And since then, it is the Council who have to bear the cost of road repairs, which is paid for out of your poll tax.

Meantime, the annual 7 Billion Pound Plus raised from your car tax goes straight into the Government coffers… Not a lot of fucking people know that.

Course, as for the hospital parking charges, well just last week (5th October 2022) The Chimp reported that they are higher than ever:

Yet funnily enough, nowhere in that farticle do the Monkey-Kuntz make mention of Bojo’s erection promise… Well they wouldn’t would they because the media’s job is to deceive not report the facts.

However, my long term readers may remember that on my old website, I pointed out (and proved) that sites such as The Chimp on-line and Google Images are Satanic and as such everything has to [covertly] connect with everything else.

Therefore, I was not surprised to notice that the farticle on the car parking charges was covertly connected to some old fanny about the fat cunt ex-prime mincer recently becoming nearly half a million squid richer.

Whoop-dee-fucking-doo… Do you see how it works?

Of course you fucking do.

However, if more proof were needed in regard to the Chimps Satanic news-feed then I should also tell you that the two major farticles shown below in screenshots, immediately followed one another in today’s Chimp news-feed (12/10/22) – thus, both connecting with each other:

Now I haven’t looked too deeply into either story but then again I don’t need to in order to ascertain that they are both bollox… I mean it was instantly obvious to me that the two stories were total bollox just by looking at the photos.

That is to say that both nurse Lucy Letby – or Beverly Allitt the 2nd if ya like – and psycho head-chopperer-offerer, Jemma Mitchell are one and the same person.

Course, it is at times like this that I really miss my old website. You see, I wrote an article on there in quite some detail proving (or so I believe) that the baby-killing nurse, Beverly Allitt drama was just another fraud – in the same way that this new baby-killing nurse, Lucy Letby drama is.

Indeed, in that now lost article I showed you how some of the photos of Allitt’s ‘victims’ had been used to create other of her ‘victims’ and how I believe that photos of her “surviving victim”, Kayley Asher, taken in or around 2019 were actually photos of Allitt herself:

And that is the kind of in-ya-face piss taking that the MSM can get away with.

Nevertheless, to summarise, ANYONE putting their faith in any political party or politician are going to be sorely disappointed and as I say; those that do have not the slightest Scooby-Fucking-Doo of what is really going on in the world.

I mean c’mon; Donny Fart & the Labour Farty being our saviours? Really?

You would have to be brain damaged to believe that!

And I should just point out that I am probably not implying anything by posting the above video… I just happen to fancy Sam Brown, that’s all… Still do since she ain’t kicked the bucket obviously.

Although, I am sure that the earlier Ivor Biggun reference and the one above in regard to Sam Brown will be lost on more than a few of you.

Just sayin’.